IT Help Desk

How proactive IT help desk support will help your day to day business.

In today’s business, everything computes. That is why you need the right level of support to help optimize the technology that you are using. New business challenges demand a support team that smartly manages and maximizes IT resources. To ensure that operational continuity and life-cycle management needs are met, we provide a support continuum that is designed to optimize your day-to-day productivity levels. We provide a preventative, anticipatory and proactive IT help desk solution.

Many companies deal with downtime as they occur without thinking strategically about how to prevent them in the first place. This reactive break-and-fix approach is very costly and can cause a fire-storm in the workplace. Aside from the financial loss of an unexpected outage, the aftershock felt on the front-lines of the company’s reputation and customer relationships can be even more profound. The ripple-effect of IT blackouts and downturns are costly.

Involve. Resolve. Evolve.

We mitigate support complexities by integrating smart IT infrastructure and staffing a IT help desk team with deep expertise in all areas of information technology. The Fidelity IT Solutions team successfully resolves IT issues at the moment of incident. We implement a resilient, flexible and cost-efficient infrastructure that is highly-available and will remove operational overlaps and system vulnerabilities that impact workflow. We leverage our collaborative framework to identify and patch weaknesses, problematic points of entry and fragile technologies that slowdown IT. We offer round-the-clock support, 365 days a year.

Your workforce needs a first point of contact that will quickly resolve and provide technical support to end users. Our IT professionals will work through a time-tested workflow that will help recognize the problem, research its origins, isolate the issue, resolve and follow-up to ensure that matter is closed. Our IT team is constantly maintaining, upgrading and optimizing systems to ensure that your IT infrastructure is up-to-date. This preventative measure ensures that your systems are scalable and ready to handle your workload, and minimize technical complications that may arise. We assist our clients through a series of steps to help diagnose and debug the particular issue through a method that is most convenient for your business.

Receive a FREE consulting session where we analyze your IT environment and discuss focused-improvement initiatives and strategic growth. Partner with us to experience personable IT support, help desk and get the upper-hand in a competitive marketplace. As an SMB owner, it is business-critical to decrease your overall IT support costs and downtime.

Our ticket system is user-friendly and will help streamline support, which dualistically save time and headaches, and provides better customer service. We engage in meaningful conversations, as we try to get to the root of the technical issues and ensure that you are satisfied and understand what transpired. Our back-channel and secure portal will ensure confidentiality and integrity at all levels of the helpdesk process. Do not risk downtime, slow response times and issues related to convoluted help desk workflows that will sidetrack you from your core business. Call today to get access to our well-trained, well-versed IT professionals and engineers who speed-up the tech support process.

Fidelity IT Solutions monitors business-critical resources and infrastructures to identify vulnerabilities. Once it is detected, we automatically respond to events through a rapid fix apparatus, before there is a drop-off in performance. This will ensure that your business does not feel the negative impact. A dynamic thresholding and performance metrics system is integrated and in-place to avert incidences that stifle productivity. Our Toronto IT help desk solution is aimed at improving system availability and mean-to-time recovery in the event of an incident.

Remote Assistance

We securely access your desktop & systems from remote locations to diagnose, troubleshoot and debug. We speed up collection of data and problem determination, and resolve the outstanding issue.

Our support portal is a powerful feature that enables you to report issues. We make inroads into the day-to-day IT status of our customers and open up a channel of dialogue. Easy to navigate.

We leverage a single point of contact relationship to enable familiarity, comfort, and streamlined expertise that will keep your costs at bay and improve quality of service.

Training Program
Accelerate your staff’s learning curve with our training program. Our innovative delivery methods will help build-up and strengthen the skills portfolio of your staff. We make technical training simple.

Rapid Response
Through increased service levels, our support specialists quickly respond to workload and mission-critical demands to ensure high productivity. We esclate to higher support tiers for management.

A consistent end-user customer experience from multi-located, same-city delivery centers. With high service quality, we support multi-industry platforms with quick-thinking resolutions.

The Four types of Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring
Advanced reporting, rapid remote remediation
With integrated intelligent monitoring systems, we receive real-time alerts and status updates that give us powerful insights into your data in motion. Interactive dashboards generate and showcase valuable information to our frontline staff, who identify, analyze and respond to hidden problems before they come to the forefront. We safeguard your IT investments by investigating and rectifying root causes. Get oversight of all IT infrastructures and be informed in real-time and ensure availability.

Network Monitoring
Ensure availability. Unified control of end-to-end network
A consolidated network monitoring system, which merges all of your heterogeneous network devices, under one single reporting and monitoring platform will track performance, trends, and collect data. The monitoring platform is optimized for fault prevention and capacity planning. We are able to receive uncluttered and accurate assessment of uptime, errors, utilization and usage streams, and other business-critical metrics that simplifies the end-to-end management of your IT network.

Application Monitoring
Dynamic thresholding to improve incident avoidance
We holistically monitor business-critical software and policies to ensure that your day-to-day business operations are running at optimal levels and available for the end-user. Delivering metrics in real time, your enterprise-wide needs are met with our easy-to-deploy monitoring software that will turn your data into insight. We can track and manage the health of diverse software, from out-of-the-box to industry-specific programs to applications like email and VoIP, and avoiding resource over-utilization. We ensure high quality of service.

Server Monitoring
Automate monitoring of onsite and offsite servers and OS
We deliver a far-reaching monitoring system that enables you to view key performance metrics across any number of operation systems. Our interactive dashboard empowers us to manage multiple operation systems in host and distributed environments, and help us respond appropriately. We identify and resolve infrastructural problems, and ensure efficiency in all facets of your IT department. Our proactive monitoring platform helps fix outages and capacity bottlenecks that slows-down or takes-down key applications.