The 4 Benefits of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)

The rise of demand for employee-focused flexibility, mobility and empowerment has significantly altered the ability of businesses to meet these challenges. With limited resources, margin of error, and budgets, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to creatively implement an IT self-sufficiency program that will help them stay competitive in an aggressive marketplace. SMBs are opting to leverage new and high-tech employee-owned laptops, smartphones and tablets, and utilize them for business purposes without the expensive price tag that comes along with it. This is known as BOYD solutions that is empowering small and medium sized businesses.

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Lead the Drive Towards Greater Mobility, Increased Productivity

In today’s office environment, a technologically-inclined workforce has emerged. This smarter and digitally-advanced workforce spend a fair share of their times familiarizing and utilizing high-tech, cutting-edge devices in their private lives. Small business realize that employees are constantly refining their skills outside office walls and without drying-up company resources, will transfer-over their discoveries and help find and build new IT services. This natural drive, which pushes employees to exploit new frontiers of technology, in the private sphere and without company intervention, has an inherit benefit and SMBs can capitalize on this megatrend. BYOD enables new services to grow organically and naturally out of partnering with employees.

In this digital age, the tech IQ of average day users is steadily rising and a higher percentage of the workforce is technologically well-versed. Tech companies like Apple, Lenovo, Samsung and others are constantly upgrading their product line and flooding the consumer market with products that are faster, better and can do more than its predecessors. While consumers are on the front-line and quickly upgrade by purchasing the latest products, SMBs are slow to move in switching-over and integrating these products because of they would incur incredibly high costs. It is unsustainable to keep up with the demands of the modern business environment and a technologically-proficient workforce who does not want to work with outdated computing and mobile devices.

The workforce of SMBs is dominated by technophiles, who want to make use of their computing and mobile devices to perform work tasks and projects. This burdens IT departments, who need to always catch-up with the latest product revolutions and create an ecosystem that can meet the demands of today’s workforce. Through a trickle-up mechanism, it is employees who are signaling to IT departments which devices they prefer and how they will need to keep pace with certain technologies.

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For many, while the benefits are multi-fold and considerable, there are some associated risks with integrating BYOD. In an ever-changing market, staff levels are always fluctuating, with some joining and leaving, IT departments need to instantly be able to activate or deactivate software licenses, applications and platforms. BYOD enables you to turn to seamlessly integrated cloud-powered services that can manage business systems and applications, and who can access them at any given point. Fidelity IT Solutions can help manage your Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) platforms and maintain permission settings from a centralized management hub that gives you full control over company-owned applications and software.

Use Fidelity IT Solutions to track, locate and monitor your company’s devices. We will setup your BYOD policy where you enable employees to use their personal desktops, tablets and smartphones to access your company’s data, applications and systems. Fidelity IT Solutions will seamlessly configure devices, whether they be employee-owned or company-loaned, to give them access to company systems on laptops, smartphones and/or tablets. Let Fidelity IT Solutions help meet the evolving requirements of the mobile workspace solution where we can facilitate your small business to securely deliver all applications, such as Windows-based operating systems and applications, software-as-a-service, mobile, to users, customers and partners over any network and to whoever needs it.

1. Satisfaction

Users thrive and fully use devices they choose and invest in, rather than what has been handpicked by their employer and IT department. Employee-users are always on their personal devices, without being instructed by SMBs to use, explore and get the most out it.

Employees have a special affinity towards their devices and they take great pride in ensuring that their devices are taken well care of, are in good condition, are performing at normally high levels and notice when there is a decline in functionality.

2. Productivity
Employees become experts of their own personal devices. Their comfort levels and knowledge increases because they take a stake in mastering and exploring the devices they own for personal uses.

The latest consumer devices also tend to be feature-rich and next-generation, so SMBs benefit. Employee-users also upgrade a lot more frequently to the latest product, while businesses usually lag-behind because a changeover and rolling-out a new system is very costly.

3. Save Money
When adopting a BYOD program, you are essentially shifting the costs to the employee-user. In normal circumstances, an employee would not be willing to shoulder the costs without being compensated by the employer.

But because the employer selected, owns, keeps and uses the device freely in their everyday life, they are willing to shell out their own hard-earned money. The anticipated savings can be game-changing for SMBs, who are always trying to find ways to minimize costs.

4. Streamline
Catered for a small business and medium-sized organization, enterprise mobility management permits desktop virtualization, sharing files and other collaboration technologies.

Empower your productive pipelines by enabling employee-access to apps and data on any mobile device. Safeguard data with an across-the-board policy enforcement regime that is compliance-ready and controlled by you.


A small business workforce will enjoy the freedom to use any mobile device they want, and have easy access to their workspace in any personal or corporate environment as they can easily connect through any network.

By offering a people-centric, employee-first experience, a small-to-medium business will enjoy more productivity, employee satisfaction and be able to retain the most coveted, in-demand personnel on the market because they offer options.

A single-point and holistic solution that lets us secure your business-critical data, applications and mobile devices, in any ecosystem like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Chrome.

This enables you to gain the administrative and management controls you need to reduce complexity that can stifle workflow and result in duplicated efforts to do the same task. We will make sure that your BYOD policy is easy-to-use, easy-to-implement and easy-to-control.

We can help can help safeguard and contain sensitive business information in a closed, controlled BYOD environment by protecting sensitive data from high-risk security breaches like theft.

We deploy multi-layered security safeguards that encrypts, granulated authentication policies, permission settings based on device’s authentication and location, a lock-down switch – accessible through management dashboard – which can remotely terminate access and so forth.