Collaboration and Productivity Apps

Streamlining your productive pipeline by connecting people and information whenever, wherever with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite.

Business mobility through an agile, self-healing and robust it infrastructure.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite are leading collaboration technologies which empower your organization by driving collaboration and simplifies sharing. Both collaboration apps come at a price point that matches value without lowering margins.

Microsoft and Google’s revolutionary platform combines their most powerful business tools under one umbrella, where uses can access critical business data through the cloud and on any device. Both Microsoft Office and G Suite apps creates seamless top-to-bottom and bottom-up information streams that encourages communication and collaboration in the workplace by leveraging Microsoft’s cloud.

Fidelity IT Solutions is a Microsoft partner and Office 365 reseller, as we seamlessly deploy and integrate this cost-efficient solution into your day-to-day operations. With quick turnaround, we can create a tailor-made program that is in-tune and in-line with your operational and organizational needs.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Sway
Microsoft SharePoint
Skype for Business
Microsoft Teams
Office Delve
Microsoft Forms

Hangouts Chat
Hangouts Meet
Apps Script
Cloud Search
Work Insights


Wide range to communicate across company lines to ensure data is reaching the right party. Collaborate on documents in real time and get access to your organization’s data. Ensure that no data is lost during the creation process and gain access to unlimited space – for your growing workplace and scalable to your organization’s requirements.


Gain access to full office suite that will empower you with a multitude of tools and resources. Work on the go and be mobile. Microsoft and Google have the most secure platforms on this planet, and they will ensure there is data loss prevention and recovery options. With these collaboration apps, can always protect your company’s most important asset – its data.

Planning, Preparation and Migration of Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite

Checkpoint 1: Plan

  • Validating and authenticating chosen solution is aligned with business goals and timelines
  • Lay the groundwork, with timeframes and deliverables, to kick-off and expedite the deployment process
  • Discover, gather and review infrastructure and get metrics on technical data that will give us information needed to proceed and discover roadblocks.
  • Select mailbox migration tools and methods

Checkpoint 2: Prepare

  • Prepare on-site Active Directory
  • Configure sign-on, directory synchronization, Exchange hybrid deployment and company-issued desktops/ mobile devices

Checkpoint 3: Migrate

  • Start Migration and ensure synchronization of mailbox, calendars, contacts and content
  • Ensure connectivity, adaptability and functionality of mobile devices
  • Perform integrity tests to ensure performance within accepted parameters

Enterprise-level Software Suite For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

Infrastructure as a Service Solution

Diverse And Boundless Options That Support A Dynamic, Scalable Hybrid Cloud Strategy.

  • Microsoft Exchange

    Calendering software, mail server and contact manager via Microsoft-powered cloud.

    Hosted enterprise-grade email
    ▪ Business-class calendar-sharing
    ▪ Each user has 25 GB of storage
    ▪ Multi-tiered and encrypted security layers to uphold privacy and confidentiality
    ▪ Security-rich updated anti-spam and anti-malware system

  • Microsoft SharePoint

    Sharing platform for workforce, partners and customers to increase your collaborative productivity, across multiple departments.

    ▪ Share documents with team members, customers and partners via Microsoft-powered
    ▪ Synchronize online documents and files to your devices, so you can access them in offline mode with SkyDrive Pro
    ▪ Easily share emails, documents and files with Site Mailboxes

  • Microsoft Lync

    Instant messaging, video conferencing, online meetings and presence via Microsoft-powered cloud. Lync allows you the ability to communicate quickly and easily across your organization.

    ▪ Instant messaging, voice and HD video conferencing
    ▪ Take notes and share documents, all in real time in built-in collaborative environments
    ▪ Organize meetings by utilizing the Lync platforms with partners, customers and workforce
    ▪ Easy to use interface that allows your organization’s users to quickly learn the platform

  • Microsoft Office

    Empowering suite of desktop applications and services connected via cloud.

    ▪ Gain hassle-free access to any Office application on any of your devices while traveling
    ▪ Get the latest Office updates and versions, so you can protect your devices and gain the best feature-rich products
    ▪ Licensed subscription can be applied to 5 PCs/ Macs and 5 mobile devices
    ▪ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Lync, Access

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

Delivering value-added IT services by focusing on 3 key areas

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    We leverage IT to enable people and processes to work in an optimal manner. With deep technical expertise, we deploy the right IT specialists and applications.

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    With a reinvented approach, we stay agile and flexible by delivering smart workflow, automation and emerging technologies. We help you grow and evolve.

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    We combine our deep business and technical expertise with that of our clients to promote collaboration, shared and separate competencies and winning strategies.

The cost of discontinuity

IT reshapes the way companies do business and affects all facets of their business operations. So if it is disrupted, it affects your bottom line. Some continuity issues could take your company offline for days, but even minutes of downtime can prove costly.


of IT budgets are spent on operations and maintenance


experience downtime that lasts between minutes to over a week


fall behind schedule when deploying new IT capabilities