Managed Network Services

IT networks enable an interconnected world.

The interconnected business world that we live in is network-based and wired together. From virtualization to cloud computing to social networks, IT networking is at the center of the revolution in how people communicate and companies leverage operational flexibility and efficiency. While the network is the backbone of information technology (IT), most executives believe that because IT trends change rapidly, networking costs can vary from quarter-to-quarter and are too unpredictable.

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Managed Network

Networks are more than switches, routers and access points.

In a world where cost management is essential, emerging technologies can actually reduce organization’s total cost of ownership while increasing productivity. Fidelity IT Solutions, offering managed network services, capitalizes on evolving trends, while lowering your overheads and stabilizing fixed costs. We help mitigate the switchover and manage the post-production process, and ensure that your IT infrastructure is optimized.

We balance the act by tightly managing costs and integrating top-tier technologies to get you ahead. Constantly working in diverse environments, we leverage existing networking technologies and introduce new ones when it is needed at price points that your organization is comfortable with. We offer a myriad of options, and can hybridize emerging and existing technologies that will meet business-critical benchmarks and demands.

At the root of increasing your network efficiency, we perform diagnostics, plan around strategies that unify business goals with leading technologies, and optimize performance. We initiate a discovery effort to evaluate current network operations and factor-in business requirements and network enhancement strategies. After this, we build a roadmap for a plan of action that will help you realize your unique needs within the context of your organization. We work closely with clients to rapidly deploy the upgraded network to help optimize your operational workflow and end-customer experience. We take a holistic viewpoint when it comes to managed network services.

As a forward-thinking networking solutions specialist, Fidelity IT Solutions can transform and bring your networking technologies up-to-speed and up-to-par with cost-efficient solutions. We can seamlessly convert traditional networks – symbolized by aging equipment, a complex and decentralized network ecosystem that is hard to troubleshoot and manage – into a lightning-fast and lower-cost network.

When laying-out an optimized network design to overcome challenges, we analyze user density (the concentration of users in a specific location), physical environment, applications, management software, security concerns and voice services to get a full 360° panoramic view of your network structure.

Playing a critical role in determining the right solution, we will identify any potential sources of interference, such as walls that inhibit transmission. If the wireless network needs to be deployed outdoors, then the weather conditions will also be incorporated into the network design. The nature of applications, whether they have to transmit video or voice, will also be used to regulate and determine bandwidth usages. In order to bolster security, we will encrypt data being transmitted and a management program that will report valuable usage information.

Roadmap for Network Optimization

We will leverage the right solution for your IT environment. This is the workflow:

  • A consultation session whereby we discuss your goals, understand what you require and know your budget
  • An assessment of your current environment and scoping your requirements
  • Detailing vendor options, laying-out recommendations, start designing and then providing a POC and prototype to showcase
  • Ongoing product life-cycle management and support
  • Network managed services (both on-site and off-site options)

Benefit of Network Optimization

  • Lower application latency to users who remotely logging-in to the system
  • Creating multiple pathways to your data, as a resilient and redundant network optimizes high availability, uptime and eliminates points of failures in the event that network components fail. We will make sure your network is available when you need it the most.
  • Maximize bandwidth utilization and improve disaster recovery scenarios
  • Centralization of your network environment

Steps to Take

In order to get the most out of your network, your organization must:

  • Identify which software and application are critical
  • Prioritize applications that require instant access
  • Determine which applications experience a slowdown in throughput and latency
  • Looking into the applications that are accessed on a daily basis, by multiple users, which causes duplicate traffic

Network Assessment
Before mapping out a strategy, we will audit the network. We monitor the ongoing performance levels on your network, and pinpoint trends and specific incidences. We pool our resources to gain insight into your system, and how it is routed and utilized. We will locate bottlenecks, understand the protocols that are used, analyze traffic levels and locate password guidelines. We will determine the integrity of your network infrastructure and ensure that it measures-up to compliance regulation, where we can lower deployment costs and adoption delays.

LAN/ WAN Optimization
Our team of network specialists will design a scalable LAN/WAN network solution that ensures that application delivery and processing time is efficient in the face of workload increases. Fidelity IT Solutions will eliminate latency, increase network capacity, configure to desired settings, and isolate and resolve bandwidth issues that holdback business-critical traffic. After consulting you and identifying your goals, we will build a hierarchical model that prioritizes mission-critical data and applications, so you get to what you want when you need it the most.

Network Devices
Network accessories and devices like switches, access points and routers are integral parts of your networking infrastructure. We take a holistic approach, and ensure that your devices are integrated into the overall networking infrastructure. We ensure that the integrity of your network devices are upheld by making sure they are upgradable and redundant. Integration of leading network technologies that will support higher throughput, will enable your organization to dynamically provision services to meet benchmarks.

Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)
An application delivery controller (ADC) is a device – strategically placed in our high-performing and secure data centers – which loads the balance, takes the pressure off of web servers and enhances performance of applications. ADCs bolster the security controls of mission-critical applications, and accelerate their delivery for authorized frontline users. ADCs offer compression to help deliver optimal bandwidth utilization that helps support more traffic, prioritizes activation, loads asymmetrically, SSL offload technology and DDoS attack protection.