Managed Service Provider (Outsourcing IT)

Outsourcing IT to a locally-based managed service provider is the smart choice.

In today’s landscape, the IT function is counted-on to align with business goals and handle more demand for growing complexities. Smart companies that want to reduce infrastructure costs and free up IT resources know that outsourcing is the best way to get the services you need to expand. IT service providers are expected to adopt technology innovation, manage complexity, ensure availability and deliver leading-edge skills. Most CEO’s believe that technology is the single most external force for their business-aligned solutions. Leveraging value-added managed IT service providers allows companies to get the most out of technology while receiving optimal ROI.

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Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing IT Enables Agility, Depth of Scope and Freeing-Up In House Resources

Most small business and medium-sized enterprises try to tap-into different sources to address their demands and take advantage of emerging technologies that will give them the edge. However, integrating these new technologies, managing IT complexities and juggling multiple service-provider relationships can boggle-down any business. Over 65 percent of CIOs, who are aiming to strategically grow, are looking at acquiring skills and expertise outside their own office walls. They know that sourcing-out to cut costs, boost efficiencies and spearhead innovation is the only way to remain competitive. If you are looking to evolve and trying to centralize your problem-resolution mechanism, look to Fidelity IT Solutions for help.

We integrate disparate technologies to bolster your current IT environment of small business and medium-sized enterprises and make it secure and enable game-changing transformation.

To maintain high service levels in a managed IT services environment, it is critical that security tools, IT policies, level of resiliency and performance metrics are spelled-out and discerned. We help finely balance your performance and service level requirements with outcomes, economics and accountability in mind and ensure your system peaks in the right places.

Experienced Fidelity IT professionals and technology experts will deploy and procure the right mix of delivery models that line-up with your business goals. Anchored on resolving issues as they arise, we will help chart a path for managed service adoption that will propel you past business challenges. We will pioneer a customized roadmap that will be designed and blueprinted to chalk-up your ascendancy as an industry-leader. Our IT department services will strengthen your technology footprint at a cost that SMBs can handle.

Why outsource your IT
Small to medium sized business are looking to outsource IT department to strengthen their quality of service, risk-free returns and improve cost-to-revenue ratio. Understanding how managed service providers deliver value offers multiple points of competitive advantage. Fidelity IT provides a platform for building a business case for managed IT services providers over having in-house IT department.

Quickly Adapt to Market

Become more agile with flexible delivery service models that will ensure the modular services align with business objectives. We manage technical compliance requirements with our expertise and support.

Industry Best-Practices
R&D is expensive and we fully take-on all associated costs with cutting-edge ventures. We have a rich portfolio and ensure that R&D costs do not spillover or trickle-down to our customers.

Proactive Approach
Engrained in our DNA is a proactive urgency that prevents problems and looks for focused improvement with sophisticated back-end technology and first rate client-side help desk support.

Knowledge Base
Consistent IT service delivery is built on consistent processes that are prototyped and repeated-to-perfection in diverse environments. We document, archive and share knowledge-intensive resources.

Skyrocketing Service Delivery
Our framework is engineered and designed to guide our customers step-by-step through a myriad of considerations involved in transforming IT infrastructure, empowering them through best-case options that will result in skyrocketing uptime and various growth trajectories.