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IT Solutions Requires a Holistic Approach: A list of our IT services

We are the technology partners of choice for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer end to end capabilities across a diverse array of industries. We work to design and implement IT solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. We help businesses accelerate their journey to get them to where they want and need to go.

IT Services
Managed Network

A good holistic IT solutions firm has a wide array of capabilities to be able to deal with wide-ranging challenges. We help you unlock key insights in IT and use our imaginative capabilities to get you to where you need to go with smart and growing network and emerging technologies that can help with automation and new sources of empowering knowledge. We deliver a full range of IT services that will bring transformative solutions to meet today’s business challenges.

Quick-to-value bundled IT solutions that are built, designed and deployed for small business and midmarket companies, in diverse industries, who look to break new ground by leveraging cross-channel technologies.

Managed Service Provider: MSP is a shift from passivity to proactivity. As a trend-setter, we are helping midsized businesses shift away from the costly, inconvenient break-fix model to an MSP model which optimizes uptime, keeps costs predictable and ensures the vital signs of network health are strong. We stabilize a potentially disruptive point of your small business, information technology, by fully managing IT with SLA-driven targets and benchmarks.

Remote Workplace: We will create a virtualized workplace where employees can work collaboratively, securely and with flexibility to ensure business continuity. We help create a digital and fully operational workforce solution that enables workers to collaborate in a secure and scalable network – so your business does not fall behind. A flexible remote workplace means we can create environments where workers are able to meet deadlines and access mission-critical digital assets to ensure continuity and normalcy in uncertain times.

IT Consulting: IT has revolutionized today’s business and has become a critical component of the day-to-day operations. In order to mitigate the pressures of keeping up, SMBs look to modernize by investing in technologies to remain competitive. Without strategic guidance, they often misappropriate funds and invest in technology that do not yield ROI. Through a strategic partnership and IT expertise, we offer industry insights to your specific priorities.

Migration Services: Data is the most important business asset. Switching-over to different technologies, like a large-scale migration from one database to another or upgrading networks or software, is very risky. Our engineers meticulously evaluate your heterogeneous environment, analyze the prospects for the changeover as we maintain data integrity, safeguard sensitive information and ensure an acceptable turn-around timeframe.

Collaboration Apps: In a globalized and ever-changing business world, staying connected to your office is critical to gain an advantage. Leveraging Microsoft and G Suite’s cloud-powered, collaborative and communicative business tools – such as email, documents, applications and messaging services – you can get access anytime and from anywhere. We can help onboard and integrate Microsoft and G Suite’s business-class flagship products to get you started.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): The advent of BYOD has empowered the governance strategies of decision-makers. It’s a business boost because irrespective of your vertical market, it enables employees to choose their devices; modernize company’s technology portfolio by adapting to shifting consumer choices without absorbing the costs; and enhancing management controls from a single dashboard that allows you to seamlessly manage mobile endpoints.

Networking Technology: An aging, bottlenecked, high latent or insecure network can have disastrous impact on a small-to-midsized business. The engineers at Fidelity IT Solutions integrate fault detection and isolation, run stand-alone diagnostics and advanced root cause analysis that will help improve service quality, streamline network visibility and result in continuous connectivity. We will maximize bandwidth utilization and centralize your network.

Two-Factor Authentication: Enhance the security of your systems and networks with multi-tiered authentication screening, which locks-out unwanted user and closes inherent infrastructural loopholes. In addition to a PIN or password, two-factor authentication requires an additional form of verification to allow access to specific devices and information, like tapping into the cloud. This security option is utilized by large-scale companies and is available through us.

Backup and Disaster Recovery: Being able to restore computer data is business-critical. We implement an enterprise-wide, end-to-end resiliency strategy that will ensure business continuity and disaster recovery in the case of a system meltdown. We will help unleash the power of our backup solution, where data is safeguarded and accessible to offset disaster scenarios. Scheduling backup regiments, with both onsite and offsite options, means SMBs are never without data.

Cloud Computing: Cloud-powered SMBs are responsive to market conditions and better able to unleash innovation to gain the upper-hand. The cloud utilizes storage and server virtualization and enables you to allocate IT assets, pool resources, and deliver and distribute them to end-users. Cloud systems are highly-elasticized and multi-faceted and can serve the diverse needs of infrastructural and operational needs, by protecting, storing and sharing resources.

Help Desk: As the main point of contact, Fidelity IT Solutions provides caring and responsive helpdesk agents that assists small business in resolving IT issues. Serving on the front-lines against productivity downturns, we ensure that you regain your full IT potential with a certified and full incident technical team. Whether it’s network downtime, dealing with virus-laden desktops to information recoverability, we simplify remediation and problem triage.

Computer Forensic Services: A computer forensic expert has become a major player in investigating criminal activities, bringing clarity to internal probing or civil litigations. Fidelity IT Solutions has forensic specialists who can locate critical electronic evidence that can tip the scales of justice and uncover the truth. With high technical proficiency, we offer consultation on cases, interpret the findings and provide expert testimony services in the courtroom or in front of committees.

Scanning Services: Small business and medium sized business are producing a large volume of legacy archives, which perpetuates workspace clutter, workflow inefficiencies and costs to track-and-locate files. We accurately prepare, scan and digitally convert physical documents and media into digital formats that are user-friendly, supported by a host of devices, and retrievable. Our digitization services allows you to preserve, organize and share files.