IT Help Desk

The four types of monitoring in IT help desk

There are four types of monitoring in IT help desk.

Real-Time Monitoring
Advanced reporting, rapid remote remediation
With integrated intelligent monitoring systems, we receive real-time alerts and status updates that give us powerful insights into your data in motion. Interactive dashboards generate and showcase valuable information to our frontline staff, who identify, analyze and respond to hidden problems before they come to the forefront. We safeguard your IT investments by investigating and rectifying root causes. Get oversight of all IT infrastructures and be informed in real-time and ensure availability.

Network Monitoring
Ensure availability. Unified control of end-to-end network
A consolidated network monitoring system, which merges all of your heterogeneous network devices, under one single reporting and monitoring platform will track performance, trends, and collect data. The monitoring platform is optimized for fault prevention and capacity planning. We are able to receive uncluttered and accurate assessment of up-time, errors, utilization and usage streams, and other business-critical metrics that simplifies the end-to-end management of your IT network.

Application Monitoring
Dynamic thresholding to improve incident avoidance
We holistically monitor business-critical software and policies to ensure that your day-to-day business operations are running at optimal levels and available for the end-user. Delivering metrics in real time, your enterprise-wide needs are met with our easy-to-deploy monitoring software that will turn your data into insight. We can track and manage the health of diverse software, from out-of-the-box to industry-specific programs to applications like email and VoIP, and avoiding resource over-utilization. We ensure high quality of service.

Server Monitoring
Automate monitoring of onsite and offsite servers and OS
We deliver a far-reaching monitoring system that enables you to view key performance metrics across any number of operation systems. Our interactive dashboard empowers us to manage multiple operation systems in host and distributed environments, and help us respond appropriately. We identify and resolve infrastructural problems, and ensure efficiency in all facets of your IT department. Our proactive monitoring platform helps fix outages and capacity bottlenecks that slows-down or takes-down key applications.