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Why WordPress? The CMS Champion

Joomla, Blogger, Drupal and a multitude of others have ushered in a new generation of content management systems (CMS) that are aimed to make life easier for non-developers. The logjam of CMS options can overwhelm users, who are not certain at what points they diverge from one another, and what their standout features are. This article shows why WordPress is leading the pack.

Why WordPress design and development? A good starting point to shed light on key difference between them is a Google search query that will return countless articles on the subject. In this article, we will just focus on WordPress, and why we champion this award-winning platform over all others. | Do you need IT Services in Toronto? Call 647.693.9124.

Why wordpress

Not your Average Blogging Platform

The first order is to debunk the perception that WordPress is strictly a publishing platform for blogs, and therefore, offers limited prospects for a full-fledged website. This can’t be further away from the truth. While WordPress is known for having a platform that makes blogging easy, it offers more flexibility and versatility, and goes way beyond the exacting confines of a pure blogging CMS. This is because WordPress is powered by MySQL and PHP, and therefore provides great possibilities for both web designers and developers.

You may want to ask, which popular websites use WordPress as part of their platform? CNN, New York Times, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, About, Harvard University are just some of the few online juggernauts that have embraced WordPress CMS and integrated it into their websites.

WordPress’ Cornerstone: Dedicated Development Community

The next order is to discuss what makes WordPress truly special: the development community that surrounds it. Realizing the empowering prospects they offer, WordPress – as an open source software – primarily looks to external contributors to constantly improve it.

By providing a developer-friendly platform, WordPress offloads the responsibility of constant innovation to a whole slew of leading developers, like Nathan Rice and Ian Stewart, to better enhance the WordPress experience. Transforming some of the top developers into WordPress evangelists, and getting them to commit their energies in a long-term manner, has benefited WordPress users greatly. The development community is another reason why WordPress is the number one CMS.

User-Friendliness to the Extreme

WordPress has reached the apex of the CMS world by not only making major inroads with elite programmers, but also by making a user-friendly platform that can make anyone into a website producer. The user-intuitive backend is simple to understand and use, and is made for people who do not have a programming background. The dashboard – WordPress’ administrative interface – is easy to navigate and has become famous for its common sense setup and high functionality. Most important glaring aspect of WordPress is that it has been able to successful empower everyday users by not overwhelming them with a highly technical, and thus inaccessible, system.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is a successful for the current internet landscape because it’s based its entire system on the web’s most important maxim, that Content is King. Geared towards optimizing your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing, WordPress’ advantage lies in a few places:

  • It Gets Picked up Quickly: A recent study showed that it takes the average site two weeks to get on Google’s system. While a website that uses the WordPress CMS takes only two days. Gaining online visibility at a faster rate will mean that you have beaten your competitors to the punch in an area of significant importance. i.e. indexing mechanisms like sitemaps are just one of the ways WordPress makes it easy for search engine spiders to pick up content from your website.
  • High Output of Content: WordPress allows you to generate a lot of original content in a quick manner, which will correspondingly help you achieve a skyrocketing rank. This capability to create content means that you can stay ahead of the curve by and write in a new way that follows the latest trends.
  • Change it Anywhere, Anytime: With WordPress, an internet connection will allow you to add, delete and edit your website from anywhere. This level of convenience enables you to write content when you have a flash of brilliance and creativity and you need to get all your thoughts down.
  • SEO Plugins: WordPress has great SEO plugins that are already programmed for search engine optimization, such as the “All in One SEO Pack,” These readily available SEO plugins only requires you to input which keywords you want optimized. It’s that easy!

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is your springboard to enriching your search engine potential, which will increase traffic to your website. There is no other platform that is as geared towards search engine optimization like WordPress, and the best way to get ahead of your competitors is by taking this content-based path. SEO is very important when you want to tap-into prospective clients, and this is why WordPress has become so important for SMBs.


As a managed IT services provider, we know that management controls are incredibly important in IT. Plugins are software modules that extend the functionalities of a larger application. As previously mentioned, WordPress’ has a great development community, and members of this community continue to create plugins that can be installed by WordPress users.


WordPress has 10s of thousands of plugins that will make your life easy, from installing a picture slideshow application, to E-Commerce ones to iPhone theme plugins and so forth. The versatility and diversity is impressive, and these WordPress plugins are there to make your life easy. You can search the library of plugins and can do everything yourself, without relying on an expensive programmer to automate complex functionalities. The themes selection is one of the reasons why WordPress is staying ahead of the game.

In a Nutshell

WordPress and the community of top-notch developers have created many graphical website designs that are breathtaking. The good news is that many of these designs, called “themes,” are FREE, and take as little as a couple of minutes to install. If the thousands of free templates do not meet your liking, you can always upgrade and buy a premium template that will usually provide more functionality. It’s usually less than $100, so it won’t break your bank, and give you a professional $10,000 look without a hefty price tag. Also, if you want to change designs and don’t want to lose any of your previous work, it can all be done at a click of a button! Data migration has never been made so easy.

WordPress’ CMS platform offers the greatest prospects for non-developers to create a functional, aesthetically-beautiful and flexible website. Providing a common-sense framework to work within, WordPress makes sure that you do not get confused in your website-making endeavor. While blogging works best within the confines of WordPress’ architecture, it must be recognized that WordPress’ capabilities extend way beyond the blogging scope. The confidence of top-tier developers in WordPress’ CMS platform means that many have continued to contribute positively to its evolution. WordPress, founded on the Content is King truism, has created a system that is extremely conducive and in-line with how search engines work. Plugins and themes means that someone else has done the hard-part and all you have to do is install and upload on your WordPress platform. The WordPress system is affordable (it’s Free), flexible, efficient, saves time and energy for people who want to create a website in a matter of minutes.


This article discusses the question of Why WordPress? With WordPress, producing a website has never been easier. Check the multitude of benefits that WordPress offers prospective website creators, and why it’s a CMS platform that keeps on evolving and getting better. WordPress has a mainstream approach and has considered the concerns of non-developers, and has simplified its system, so that it makes sense for everyone.

Outside its user-friendliness and mass appeal, it’s a highly potent website platform that has high functionality, can support the most complicated of websites, and is tailored for search engine optimization. Some of the internet’s heavy-hitters have jumped on the WordPress bandwagon, and they are not looking back!

Rooted in its simple nature and ability to be used by anyone, Fidelity IT Solutions strongly advocates using a WordPress as your website CMS. We’ve helped numerous clients get on the web with WordPress because it is ideal for people with no programming knowledge whatsoever, it is very flexible and it’s preferred by search engines. If you want to make your site into a WordPress one, do not hesitate to contact our Toronto Web Designs team that specializes in WordPress platforms. We serve those in the Toronto area and beyond.