IT Backup and Recovery Services

What you need to know about backup IT services

In today’s fast moving business world, IT companies are dealing with data backup and data recovery requirements that pose significant challenges. Effectively managing an enterprise-level IT backup solution for large-scale business operations to SMBs, requires battling elusive service levels, ongoing staffing complexities, unpredictable costs and technology usage and adoption inefficiencies. Through key value propositions, meet internal requirements at affordable rates by combining dynamic backup strategies with leading data protection technologies to handle all your backup and disaster recovery operations.

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Backup and Recovery

IT Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Fidelity IT Solutions, a leading Toronto-based company that specializes in IT backup and disaster recovery services, can break the deadlock and integrate a backup solution that works for a one of any size. We offer a wide array of solutions that ensures redundancy, increased-capacity and data-protected backup. Scheduling an IT backup regiment with us will makes stakeholders sleep easier at night.

Fidelity IT Solutions helps navigate and drive your backup and disaster recovery efforts by monitoring, managing and supporting a tailor-made solution that meets your short and long-term needs. In a post-implementation environment, you will have full confidence that critical business data is protected through a strict SLA that guarantees accountability, performance, and transparency. An assigned service delivery manager will provide your team with clear communication. Our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service management center is staffed with skilled backup administrators that provide constant vigilance and rapid response in the event of an interruption or data loss.

Robust and Agile Backup Systems

With the expert knowledge of our product line combined with detailed knowledge of your existing backup environment in place, we can accurately and efficiently implement relevant features in line with best practices and engineering. This expert knowledge helps you maximize your investment from day one.

“Receive a FREE consulting session where we analyze your IT environment and discuss focused-improvement initiatives and strategic growth through IT backup, business continuity planning and disaster recovery solutions. Partner with us to experience personable IT and how to get your business back on its feet after a disaster and avoid downtime.”

Along with high support levels, annual major version upgrades and unlimited service pack installations will translate into an optimized environment that will ensure you are getting the most out of your backup investments. Through a cost-efficient and technology-intensive framework, we will help implement a system that is tried-and-tested in cross-platform and complex environments. We will ensure that your environment is optimized so that you’re getting the most out of your backup investments with stable and predictable costs in place. We have helped stabilized and optimized backup solutions in hetereogenous, cross-platform environments for a multitude of small and medium-sized business in diverse industries.


Our staff of engineers are technologically-proficient and ensure optimum returns from diverse, complex environments. With a strong technical adeptness and expertise in Windows development, virtualized platforms (i.e. VMware), SQL Server, Cisco endpoint technologies, we can design reliable and responsive backup for even the most complex and heterogeneous environments


Implementing a periodic backup schedule – which is tailored-made and accounts for your day-to-day workflow and operational cycle – ensures that the daily data that is incremented on a hourly, daily or weekly basis, is stored to a cloud-based source.

Turnaround Time

Every minute that you lose to downtime undermines small business abilities to stay competitive. By quickly restoring the backup, we accelerate the time-to-market of SMBs who have been sidelined due to an outage. We proactively prepare and anticipate in case of a disaster and rapidly respond with solutions in place.


Working progressively and holistically, we analyze the likelihood of downtime by locating point-of-failures in your IT infrastructure and address them. Infrastructural fault-points is the major reason for unplanned disruption. We identify and remediate the points of failures and utilize backup-as-a-strategy to supplement your newly-robust infrastructure.