Office 365

Why Microsoft Office 365 help improve producitivty in SMEs

All companies are vulnerable to disruption and discontinuity. Microsoft Office 365 services and Office 365 suite offers transformative solutions and shocks the slow-responsive and maladaptive status quo by bringing together some of the most enterprise-ready and business-friendly Microsoft softwares. Office 365 bridges Microsoft’s most trusted communication and collaboration products in one software suite: Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office.

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Office 365

How Microsoft Office 365 helps your business

As a proud Microsoft reseller, Fidelity IT Solutions can help deploy a subscription-based gateway to Microsoft’s all-inclusive software. With low upfront costs, scalable flexibility, guaranteed 99.9% uptime and organic delivery mechanisms that are geared towards capturing user’s growing teamwork and project needs. Spearhead business growth and a progressive and proactive environment by adding a host of integrated collaboration services. These Microsoft-created services are backed by industry-leading compliance features with accelerated IT power.

Office 365 allows you to pool your resources with user-friendly, industry-best tools that you can access anywhere and at any time. Allowing subscribers to take their office anywhere with them, you can install Office 365 on up to five devices and access them from multiple outlets to help you meet deadlines and work on projects in a team or individual setting. This means that individuals, from different parts of the world or in the same office, can work on the same document, divide tasks and allows them to save files as they work.

Office 365 enables SMBs to share big and small files across your organization in a seamless manner, and the security-rich environment gives ensures that your work is protected and your privacy upheld. Office 365 helps you meet the challenges of a globalized world with team members often being geographically dispersed. The workforce can unify under the rubric of connecting in exclusive, private communities and having online video meetings, where they can share screens and have HD-enhanced video conferencing.

In operating a global but closed cloud infrastructure, Microsoft has to meet strict compliance requirements and pass tough third-party audits. These auditable obligations come from multiple sources: government’s requirements, industry-best mandates and Microsoft’s internal security controls and policies.

Call us to receive a CONSULTATION about how Microsoft Office 365 can uniquely combine existing destkop suite with new powerful cloud-enabled tools. These next-generation communications and collaboration solutions bring together Exchange, SharePoint, Office, and Lync via the web.

Providing Microsoft Office 365 service, Office 365 is an industry leader in delivering secure cloud productivity service, offering customized security controls, and protecting data through hardened logical, physical and data security. Should there be a point of failure, there are compensating controls that ensures defense-in-depth strategies, which safeguard data and system integrity, and mitigate a security breach before they occur. Compliance requirements are simplified because you can search mailboxes, archive, have meetings that were recorded and team-oriented sites that provides a platform to share with specific members.

Microsoft Office 365 service reduces IT maintenance overheads by giving you user-friendly IT controls that allow you to easily manage your workflow and operations. Microsoft’s always-available servers have guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, and enable you to manage your services from a user-friendly administrative dashboard. Microsoft has made a concerted effort to minimize IT management of Microsoft Office 365 by investing in built-in automation. One of the flagship features of Microsoft Office 365 is patch deployment that generates solutions to problems identified by the monitoring systems without the need for the IT department to step-in.

Heavy investment is channeled to the anti-malware/ anti-virus, patching and configuration management of Office 365. The service systems are built to prevent malicious infiltration of computer bugs and worms into the core platform. If it penetrates, the infected systems are quarantined and remediation steps are taken to ensure the integrity of the system is not compromised. Updates to hot-fixes and patches made to the production environment are assessed for risk, applicability and resource assignment, and once it passes clearance, it is implemented and transitioned-in.