Managed Service Provider (Outsourcing IT)

6 reasons to outsource your IT department

Small to medium sized business are looking to outsource IT department to strengthen their quality of service, risk-free returns and improve cost-to-revenue ratio. Understanding how managed service providers deliver value offers multiple points of competitive advantage. Fidelity IT provides a platform for building a business case for managed IT services providers over having in-house IT department.

Expertise for Complex Tasks
Enable higher and diverse level of resource utilization

As a baseline, our technicians can solve issues quickly and with less risk. We have deep expertise across all deliver models, from next-generation technologies like cloud and virtualization to traditional facets of IT that drive strategic growth. Through our multi-sourcing strategy, we meet your individual small business and medium-sized enterprise needs. We leverage multiple solution streams from cross-platform integration, virtualization and other middleware applications that make the day-to-day easier, faster and less stressful. In a fast-changing landscape, our reliability, comprehensive skillset and scalability is what makes us stand-out amongst the IT service providers.

Proactive Approach
Going beyond device management and monitoring
We take a proactive and technology-based approach to IT services. Underscoring this is integrating a problem prevention and continuous improvement policy that will ensure that all critical points of workflow are safeguarded and optimized. We rely on sophisticated technologies like advanced analytics which can drive incident prevention through analysis. We key-in on failure patterns across platforms and processes and provide the customer with transparency and visibility into areas of improvement. We implement back-end technologies that provide automated workloads, prioritization, incident escalation and sophisticated alert mechanisms.

Business-Aligned Roadmap
Expertise for mission-critical workloads and goals
Aligning your IT infrastructure with best-practices and next-generation IT management strategies is business-critical. We employ best practices in managing your IT resources which encompasses problem incident, configuration across multiple platforms for optimization, performance management and an active mechanized reporting system that dualistically serves both workflow and business operations. Our ability to expertly manage and span our operations across multiple platforms, empowers our customers.

Procuring and deploying this transition to this newly-consolidated IT management regime will be executed rapidly and will have measureable impact on your efficiency and profitability. Our consistent service delivery methods are built on a unified process that is scripted and employs systemized repetition for best-results. We will unify your heterogeneous environment and have all your resources working for the same end-goal.

Performance-Measured SLAs
Set and reach benchmarks with optimal service levels
Strongly ingrained in our strategic partnerships with you are clearly-defined service levels that underline our commitment to meeting performance metrics. Seeking to balance and check-off the scorecard, we track the performances of servers, dispatchers and systems to ensure that thresholds are met and that they fall within our expected ranges. We have an auditing mechanism to monitor the service levels and SLAs are mutually beneficial in that they enable innovation, improve service delivery and reduce costs.

As a managed service provider, SLAs go in-depth and answer questions like data location, maintenance objectives and responsibilities, security of sensitive data, regulatory compliances, data encryption, business level objectives, and responsibilities of both parties and spells-out protocols. Beyond managing systems and machines, the most important facet of an SLA is the communication and human interaction: when you need us, we are there.

Path to Innovation
Fostering innovation on your frontlines
As a managed IT services provider in Toronto, a critical component of our strategy is how we can foster innovation on the business frontlines. Our proprietary insights and experiences can provide a window into future technological shifts and can give you value-added foresight via our R&D. We heavily invest into our offsite R&D and offer breakthrough technologies, at no additional expense to you, so that your business can run better. We collaborate and leverage our assets, network and reach so you can expand into new markets. Our collaboration model is transformative because it gives you the technical foresight you need to outsmart any market challenge.

Strong Partnership
Collaborating on product evolution paths
IT is dynamic. The constant changes mean you do not need ballooning costs and other uncontrollable variables to complicate your partnership. That is why we provide future flexibility and offer a comprehensive suite of managed IT services. Our Toronto outsourced IT services will bolster your ability to deal with problems on the fly, optimize and maintain your relationship. Beyond operating system maintenance and availability management, convoluted technical language can throw you off and result in miscommunication. Our staff breaks-down IT-related issues into manageable language, so you can understand. By the same token, we make your business life easier by simplifying the complex.