IT Outsourcing

Engineer flexibility across the entire value chain by sourcing a multi-faceted and innovation-rich IT department.

 IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT

IT outsourcing services is a source of empowerment for SMBs as you can focus on core business activities, drive bottom line growth, and optimize results without the heavy costs of staff augmentation. Chart a path to divergent thinking, resources and specialists.

By managing your IT requirements, we will leverage your technology investments to do more for less and enable you to stay ahead of the information curve. Businesses gain the leading edge by partnering with us because we allocate resources to perfecting our expertise, as we invest in cutting-edge R&D and next generation technologies. Delivering the leading edge, our discoveries and breakthrough findings are then shared with your business.

We will transfer our knowledge to you, which will re-energize your business with new perspectives and out-of-the-box ideas that will aid strategies of expansion and bring about peak performance. To show its effectiveness, we deliver measurable results as we provide performance scorecards and in-depth reporting on progresses made.

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Do you need someone to take care of your IT? Call 647.693.9124 or email. IT outsourcing services is migrating non-core functions to an external partner to foster a culture of innovation. Fidelity IT solutions will design, develop and deploy technology solutions to bring about strategic business outcomes. Free-up and better utilize employees so they can focus on business-critical tasks and resources by offloading your IT function to us.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Experiencing the spill-over benefits of partnering with us will gives businesses insight into technology’s latest trends and developments, that will help propel business growth and take you to that next level. Want to know more reasons why subcontracting your IT will empower your business prospects?

Resulting in a paradigm shift, outsourcing IT departments results in lowering your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), converting fixed costs into variable costs, realizing economies of scale, reducing head costs by paying for services and not a full-time workforce, and remaining flexible in changing market conditions.

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Focus on your core business, while we take care of your IT.

Local IT Outsourcing Services

A strategic partnership is best done in a collaborative ecosystem that is in-line with the customer’s evolving needs. At Fidelity IT Solutions, we advise organizations on how best to invest in the empowering and enabling capacity of information technology to meet their business objectives, and go beyond merely spelling-out recommendations.

We combine business and technical expertise, innovative solutions for a volatile business landscape and have the capacity and know-how to implement what we say we are going to do. By synthesizing these key elements, we design solutions that are specially geared for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), and help businesses reach benchmarks in a prompt, fluid and cost-effective manner.

The best starting point for a forward-thinking Toronto IT outsourcing company is to recognize your business objectives, so we can start the reform. We acclimatize ourselves with what is most important to you, and fully take-in your perspectives and frame of reference. Almost all businesses diverge from one another in this respect and have different targets. An IT consulting service that takes the “one-fits-all” approach does not understand your needs and will not empower you to reach your full IT potential, in the short and long term.

Getting off on the wrong foot will have dire consequences and will result in missed deadlines and benchmarks. For a competitive marketplace, going backwards and fixing missteps can jeopardize your business standing with your clients and employees and undermine your ability to compete. Our goal is to hit the bulls-eye, which is defined by you, and we communicate with stakeholders and management to understand business goals and objectives. Fidelity IT Solutions prides itself on the high level of care and due diligence in executing strategies so we can fast-track SMBs to success.

The next move is to get acquainted with your current IT structure and workflow. Once we collect and analyze data streams and understand the inner-workings of your operation, we could then proceed to diagnose the shortcomings. In focusing on the best and most cost-effective technology solutions, we provide strategies of action that will rectify processes that are weak and inefficient.

After a thorough understanding, we start recommending the best course of action, and start the deployment and implementation process. Imperative to a successful relationship is to layout a vision, so you can see the end at the beginning. Visualizing what is in store is very critical because if we work from the top-down and the light appears at the end of the tunnel, we lock-in and concentrate on getting there.

We are not intimidated by the scope of any IT project or venture nor are we dissuaded by its “smallness” in scope. We understand in the business world, small changes can make a big difference. Furthermore, our Toronto-based IT consultants come from a diverse background and are well-versed in their respective fields, which translate into high quality of service and high-proficiencies.

Many times, SMBs are dissuaded from outsourcing and getting outside help for a variety of reasons. However, all IT problems have solutions, and we are is in the business of delivering solutions. Fidelity IT Solutions will ensure that you are in the driving seat and we steer you in the right direction. We know where the solutions lie because we understand where technology is and industry drivers, and where it is going. We proudly stick to this business mantra: We advise, you decide.

Call us to receive a CONSULTATION and the multi-levelled & multi-layered benefits of outsourced IT will boost your business prospects. Partnering with Fidelity IT Solutions will give you the managed service provider you need by strengthening performance, overcoming market challenges and reaching new milestones.


  • Ensuring sourcing strategy aligns with business objectives.
  • Focusing on benefits realization
  • Establishing the scope
  • Preparing the business outsource model.
  • Agreeing the sponsorship and building the team.


  • Creating the baseline.
  • Understanding the market.
  • Evaluating the options for commercial feasibility.
  • Evaluating the risks.
  • Developing the optimum business model and establish the business case.


  • Developing the detailed business model.
  • Structuring the arrangement with own third party resources.
  • Planning for transaction.
  • Establishing the governance.

Build and Optimize

  • Realizing the improvement.
  • Evaluating benefit and value realization.
  • Focus on optimization.
  • Identifying the opportunities.
  • Building the improvement plan.
  • Implementing the transition.

Operate and Optimize

  • Monitoring and managing the arrangement.
  • Implementing the planned changes.
  • Evaluating benefit/ value realization.
  • Focus on optimization.
  • Identifying the opportunities
  • Building the improvement plan.
  • Realizing the improvement.

Performance-Based Benefits

There are numerous benefits, from the performance side, that come from sourcing-out your IT department. Prevent under-staffing and inject talented IT specialists into your workforce without having to onboard full-time employees, which is costly. Full-time employees deal with issues of morale and feeling overwhelmed, while a subcontracted IT third-party performs at a high-level to guarantee their next contract. Small business and midsized organizations will immediately diversify their talent pool by tapping into ours, as we are staffed with a team of specialists and engineers. Furthermore, you can re-route your internal resources and not let a non-specialist on staff perform time-consuming tasks that they are not equipped in resolving.

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