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Smartphone Archetypes: Android vs. iPhone vs. Blackberry

Do iPhone users have a cult-like obsession with Steve Jobs? Are BlackBerry users pseudo-businesspeople? Are Android users geeks who also do part-time Pizza gigs because they Google refused to hire them? This cartoon is pure comedy, but does a great job of closely portraying what users from the SmartPhone spectrum really think of one another and themselves.

When it comes to technology or IT support archetypes. Which archetype does your friends/family/enemies fit into?

Some Interesting Facts about Android-iPhone-Blackberry

BlackBerry Facts:

  • The French government actually banned the use of Blackberry’s in ministries and in the presidential palace. They feared there would be snooping by foreign spies.
  • President Barack Obama is obsessed with his Blackberry and absolutely refuses to give it up! In fact, he even ordered a top secret blackberry equipped with Secure Voice software to catch eavesdroppers and spies.
  • Lazaridis (CEO of RIM) said during the early 2000s that there were 16 million lines of code in the BlackBerry.
  • The U.S. government uses more than 500,000 BlackBerries (including Sarah Palin)

Facts about iPhone Users:

  • A third of iPhone users carry a second phone. There have been anecdotal reports of iPhone users carrying a second mobile phone, either for basic voice calling, or for other functions like composing e-mail.
  • iPhone users are young. About half of iPhone users are under age 30 (page 29) and about 15% are students
  • One in four iPhone users has broken up with their partner because that person spent too much time on their mobile devices.
  • The iPhone increases phone bills. The iPhone has increased its users’ monthly mobile phone bills by an average of 24%, or $228 extra per year.

Facts about Android Users:

  • 54% are under the age of 35; 8% are 55 and over
  • Where are the female Android users at? 73% of Android users are men
  • Advertisers are more interested in Android over any other phone. U.S. surveys indicate that there are more ad impressions for Android which isn’t surprising since it’s a Google-based phone and they’re stellar with ads.

Are you a typical iPhone user? Or a generic Android user? Or a business-minded BlackBerry user? See how other mobile users perceive you and how you perceive yourself (in a subconscious sort of way). This a comic strip that shows the truth about SmartPhone users, and statistics that sheds light on Android-iPhone-Blackberry users.