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Smartphone Archetypes: Android vs. iPhone vs. Blackberry

Do iPhone users have a cult-like obsession with Steve Jobs? Are BlackBerry users pseudo-businesspeople? Are Android users geeks who also do part-time Pizza gigs because they Google refused to hire them? This ca...

Managed Service Provider (Outsourcing IT)

Benefits Of Outsourcing It: Why SMBs Must Make The Smart Choice

Managed Network Outsourcing your IT services is a source of empowerment for your business because you focus on core competencies, prevent understaffing a crucial business department, maximize scalability, accur...

Social Media

Why Social Media is Important: Making your Business Buzz-Worthy

Why Social Media is Important – The way to get your message out and win brand loyalty is changing. This new trend is catching on like wildfire and is being utilized by some of the most successful companies in t...

Education and Technology

High-Tech Learning: Toronto Schools to Turn to Digital Textbooks?

The whispers to eventually phase out textbooks for electronic books have made their way into Dalton McGuinty’s office. The Ontario Premier publicly confirmed that downsizing on paper usage in the classrooms, an...

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High Scores for Lenovo for Business, Continues to Edge Competitors in TBR Study

Technology Business Research (TBR), a leading technology market research firm, has declared Lenovo to be the best computer brand in its Corporate IT Buying Behavior and Customer Satisfaction studies. Lenovo’s o...

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Toronto Business News: Upgrade Computer Systems, Get 100% Computer Tax Deduction

In order to bolster economic prospects in this recession, the 2009 federal budget put forward a novel 100% computer tax deduction provision for all IT software and computer hardware purchases made by Canadian b...

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iPhone Ratings: What Did they Score?

The iPhone ratings are in, and iPad surpasses iPhone sales. Apple released its first-generation tablet, the iPad, in early April to lukewarm reviews. Amidst some concerns expressed by media giants, like CNET, c...

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Google vs. Facebook

A showdown between the Internet’s foremost giants, Google vs. Facebook, who are both vying to dominate the Web – and setting-up stumbling blocks for one another in the process – has intensified this past week. ...

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Android Marketplace Takeover: Google is eating BlackBerries and Apples

In a little more than two years, Google’s Android OS has finally eclipsed RIM’s Blackberry and Apple’s iPhone as the top-selling smartphone in the United States. Research by the NPD – a global provider of consu...