Managed Service Provider (Outsourcing IT)

Managed Service Provider Definition: Why They Make a Difference

Traditionally, a manage service provider (MSP) is when a company outsources well-specified management responsibilities, either on a temporal or long-lasting basis, to an external organization. Transferring these responsibilities is a path that a business may take to offload demanding management tasks to a value-added reseller (VAR).

The managed service provider definition is complex, even though they simplify workflow and operational controls. VARs set out to retool and improve the existing product by adding valuable features, and then reintroduce a superior product to both businesses and end-users. The scope of a relationship with an MSP is solely defined by the offerer – and not the service provider – so while services are outsourced, the client still maintains all of the management controls and does not forfeit their sovereignty.

Managed service provider definition

This model of collaboration enhances a company’s profile because it is based on delivering well-defined service offerings, which creates boundaries in responsibilities and results in accountability. An MSP provides your business with transformative power to tackle day-to-day issues as you have direct connection to a qualified organization who deals with problems in a manageable and timely fashion.

Without compromising the core structure of the business, an managed services can be integrated into the businesses’ problem solving apparatus. Businesses, however, do not relinquish their overall management responsibilities, they simply look outside their current structure to help them micromanage specific and demanding tasks.

MSPs Give Business the Leading Edge & Managed Service Provider Definition

Bringing service grades up to optimal levels, MSPs can be a businesses’ “go-to-guy” and help offer strategies of improvements in areas of business importance. By focusing on core activities, businesses will not be sidetracked by issues that demand precious internal resources, from time to manpower. Businesses will have a managed IT services partner in place that will rapidly resolve the issue. Having the luxury of their enduring presence, MSPs can offer fresh new perspectives and insight that will advance the dimensions by which businesses can respond in a successful manner.

Prior to the age when MSPs started to cater to smaller businesses, it was only a smart and affordable arrangement enjoyed by billion-dollar corporations, like HP and IBM. Thanks to IT Solution companies that are targeting the SME (small and medium enterprises) market, this exclusivity no longer exists. MSPs, and managed service provider definition explained here, like Fidelity IT Solutions, can help open up a new chapter for small and medium sized business by being proactively involved in their problem-solving.

Self-committed to your success, a value-added partnership with an MSP will translate to fewer headaches and increase profit margins. Partnering with an MSP is an integral part of a grander strategy that helps you retool and restrengthen your business to deal with a variety of different mission-critical issues.


A roundtable discussion on the benefits of integrating a Managed Service Provider (MSP) into your business structure, this article explains why MSPs add value to your business organization. Looking at how they generate prime returns in a short period of time, MSPs can easily help propel business growth by adding new insights and perspectives. Also, the managed service provider definition was explained here.

Beyond the exchange and spillover of ideas, MSPs put businesses at ease by becoming their ‘go to guy’ when a business is overwhelmed and needs assistance. Through the evolution of the relationship, a ‘service provider’ – offerer relationship transforms into an enduring partnership that will take your business to new heights.

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