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High Scores for Lenovo for Business, Continues to Edge Competitors in TBR Study

Technology Business Research (TBR), a leading technology market research firm, has declared Lenovo to be the best computer brand in its Corporate IT Buying Behavior and Customer Satisfaction studies. Lenovo’s outstanding commitment to high-quality and reliable computers, and its ability to deliver on after-sales promises has made them the primary choice for businesses.

When rated on core areas of IT services, such as performance, flexibility and cost-efficiency, Lenovo for business set new benchmarks in customer satisfaction. Lenovo received high marks when it came to product repair time, phone technical support and were noted for expanding service offerings to existing clientèle.

The Chinese-based computer hardware maker blew its competitors out of the water when it came to producing value-added technologies that advanced business objectives. The ThinkCentre desktops and ThinkPad laptops, were dually recognized as outperforming similar products in terms of their innovation and was a huge reason why high scores were given to Lenovo in business world. In particular, the scientific study highlighted Lenovo’s extending capabilities in disaster recovery, safeguarding mission critical IT assets, and optimizing security features with fully encrypted hard drives. Praised for their contributions to a less stressful office life and decreasing total cost of PC ownership, Lenovo and IBM have been widely acknowledge for offering transformation solutions for businesses. The TBR study surveyed over 800 prominent IT decision makers across North America, who discussed Lenovo for business was a standout.

Lenovo for Business

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This article goes over a recent study done by the Technology Business Research (TBR) institute – which surveyed over 800 prominent IT specialists – who rated Lenovo as the #1 computer brand for businesses. Receiving top marks in important categories of Customer Satisfaction and Innovation, the scientific survey found Lenovo’s customer service and cutting-edge features to be second-to-none. Lenovo for business etched out the competitors.

Creating a platform that optimizes security and performance with pioneering techniques, Lenovo has leap-frogged past its competitors, the survey concluded. Fidelity IT Solutions, a Lenovo business partner and IBM evangelist, offers progressive IT consulting services for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Integrating IBM & Lenovo technologies into your IT infrastructure, our program will ensure a long product life-cycle, reliability and stable systems that will increase business prospects.

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