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Choosing the Right Web Host: Web Hosting Comparison

Committing to a web hosting service provider has important implications for businesses and should not be taken lightly. This is because a website is the primary channel that you use to tap-into emerging markets, inform and interact with existing customers, and connect with new ones.

It needs to be backed with a stable and consistent hosting environment that secures your web presence in an uninterrupted manner. The end-user must experience high usability, which means that you have to have a hosting platform that will protect your website from downtime or slow-loading speed, which are symptoms of a bad managed network services, which will drive customers away.

The importance of a website for your company or personal profile means that the web hosting company that you commit to must be the right one. Selecting the right web hosting provider can overwhelm businesses trying to locate the right program for them. Flooded with choices, a Google or Yahoo search for “web host providers,” “web hosting comparison” or “web hosting services in Toronto” will return an incredible volume of results.

The web hosting market is saturated with companies who are a carbon copy of one another because they talk and act the same. Almost without exception, web host providers will sell you on the idea that they offer a superior scope of services than what’s currently on the market, and will use buzz words like “cheap” and “affordable” to win you over. When web host providers wrap you up in long-term contracts and fail to fulfill their end of the bargain it can frustrate your business.

The Criteria

  • Price is a Good Indication: The price says a lot of about the scope of services being offered. If it’s really low ($10 and below), services are narrow and general. If it’s high ($30 and above range), it most likely means the service coverage is wider and more dynamic. Blogs and personal websites, which will not take-up a lot of resources, are fine for web hosting sites on the lower-end of the price spectrum. Business and dynamic websites that require a lot of resources will need a similarly highly-capable hosting provider, and require a more robust web hosting provider. These ranges aren’t meant to be the only determining factor of how good your services will be, but it’s an important one.
  • High Bandwidth Allowance: Many web hosting service providers will offer you unlimited bandwidth allowance. Needless to say, this is the optimal bandwidth service option and is a good choice for scalable websites, who are expecting to change into a highly-dynamic site and see increased traffic. If you have a smaller website and you don’t expect many changes to be made, than you can calculate how much bandwidth fits your needs, and choose that one.
  • Turning fixed costs into variable costs, and not limit your maneuverability (i.e. full time employees mean high salaries, benefit plans, incentives like vacation pay, severance packages, and so forth.)
  • Software Compatibility: A growing number of web hosting providers are integrating popular content management systems (CMS) or software applications into their working platforms. If your software needs are better incorporated into a web host’s back-end platform, then this has to be factored into your final decision. This will make your life easy with these pre-installed options and enables you to work at an fast rate.
  • Customer Support: Customer support is one of the most important determining factors in deciding on which web host provider to go with. Envision that your website is down, or that you’re website was hacked: both situations need rapid responses. If a Toronto web host service provider lacks the necessary customer support and technical center to deal with your pressing issues, then your cries and frustration will fall on deaf ears.
  • Integrity, Security, Uptime and Reliability: We merged these four parts together because they are interlinked and complement one another. In the web hosting world, protecting websites from security breaches is manageable as long as a sophisticated security mechanism is in place. Inspect, check out and size up the protection measures that each web hosting provider has in place, and review their security ratings. When it comes to high reliability and integrity, it is imperative that a Toronto web hosting company has cutting-edge and a stable infrastructure technologies backing up their terms. The technologies that they use is of critical importance to what they can do for you. If you’re a technology buff or know a little about the latest servers, storage devices, VPN offerings etc., research the particular machines that they have backing their services. While most web host providers will automatically throw out the generic (thus meaningless) 99.9% number when it comes to uptime guarantee, it is still a positive in our books if they have a high uptime number specified.


Briefly outlining what exactly to look for when choosing a webhosting provider, this article breaks down what determining factors are more critical than others and web hosting comparison. Providing insight into how the webhost providers usually function, this article attempts to demystify the process for businesses and people who are looking to make the smart choice the first time around.

This article distinguishes and separates the good web hosting service providers from the sub-standard ones by investigating key differences between them. In a market saturated with web hosting companies, this article will steer you in the right direction and give you a blueprint to follow when deciding what web host provider to go with.

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