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How to Market Online: Inviting and Keeping People In

The goal of all businesses is to become the benchmark in their respective industry and become a trailblazer who sets trends for all others to emulate. Anyone in the business world will tell you that the way for...

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Difference between Web Designer and Web Programmer

While it’s popularly believed that Web Designer and Web Programmer are interchangeable, they are not. This underlying chasm results from the divergent nature of their job responsibilities and the differing skil...

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Yahoo’s Decline: Which Moves have Cost Them

Today’s rumor mills have been running rampant that Yahoo! will layoff 20% of their workforce, a claim that they have called “inaccurate.” Across the aisle at the Google camp, rumors were also buzzing, but this ...

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Smartphone Archetypes: Android vs. iPhone vs. Blackberry

Do iPhone users have a cult-like obsession with Steve Jobs? Are BlackBerry users pseudo-businesspeople? Are Android users geeks who also do part-time Pizza gigs because they Google refused to hire them? This ca...

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Toronto Business News: Upgrade Computer Systems, Get 100% Computer Tax Deduction

In order to bolster economic prospects in this recession, the 2009 federal budget put forward a novel 100% computer tax deduction provision for all IT software and computer hardware purchases made by Canadian b...

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Google vs. Facebook

A showdown between the Internet’s foremost giants, Google vs. Facebook, who are both vying to dominate the Web – and setting-up stumbling blocks for one another in the process – has intensified this past week. ...

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Android Marketplace Takeover: Google is eating BlackBerries and Apples

In a little more than two years, Google’s Android OS has finally eclipsed RIM’s Blackberry and Apple’s iPhone as the top-selling smartphone in the United States. Research by the NPD – a global provider of consu...