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Benefits Of Outsourcing It: Why SMBs Must Make The Smart Choice

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Outsourcing your IT services is a source of empowerment for your business because you focus on core competencies, prevent understaffing a crucial business department, maximize scalability, accurately budget costs, and increase technology investments and ROI.

In the past, businesses that had outsourced their IT work were perceived to be making the “smarter choice.” But today, outsourcing your IT services has become imperative for business of all sizes and industries. Why is something that was simply a better choice before, an absolutely necessary one now?

In tough economic times, outsourcing IT is a good enough reason to switch-over and navigate the downturn. Some of the cost-efficiencies of outsourcing are:

  • Reducing overhead costs, freeing up resources and redirecting them to core business tasks
  • Turning fixed costs into variable costs, and not limit your maneuverability (i.e. full time employees mean high salaries, benefit plans, incentives like vacation pay, severance packages, and so forth.)
  • You will no longer have to shoulder expensive training costs (upwards of a couple to a few thousand dollars, depending on industry)
  • Free you from long-term commitments
  • Economies of scale are realized

But big savings aren’t the only reason why you need to subcontract your IT to a leading IT provider, like Fidelity IT Solutions. Outsourcing your IT work empowers your business and has become the choice of industry-champions. Here are some of the reasons why you gain a competitive edge when you outsource your IT work:

Deep Pool of Resources: There are dozens of IT specializations and fields. Consider just a few of the highly-technical and specialized IT jobs:

Despite what you may think, there is no ‘jack of all trades’ type in IT. IT is broad, always-evolving and intricate, and the nature of the work is usually disconnected from one another. For example, your networking specialist will usually be hard-pressed to design, implement and deploy software.

Instead of scrambling with different and unfit personnel to deal with the urgent issue at hand, you should look externally. Fidelity IT Solutions is the ideal party you should outsource your IT environment to because we have a team of specialists from all-walks of IT. Benefits of outsourcing it:

Get Services, not Employees: You use us when you need our services. Not only does this free up your company’s capital, but you will not have to deal with employee morale, work stagnation and employees who are not producing at a high rate. Unlike a full-time IT staff, every service we perform will be tracked and accounted for.

R & D Empowerment: We are constantly investing in R & D, so you don’t have to! You will gain insight into cutting-edge technologies without sharing the costs and without allocating your precious dollars and manpower, while reaping its full benefits. R & D in information technology will enhance workflow, detect & rectify inefficiencies, make manageability easier, centralize company assets and automate business procedures.

Reduce Risk: Technology changes quickly, and if you decide to invest in a technology that fails in bringing expected levels of returns, it will adversely affect your business. By turning to an external managed provider, you offload the risk to that organization as they have already tried those technologies in different live environments. We manage the risk for you, and are better at deciding how to avoid risks in our areas of expertise.

It’s what the Big Businesses Do: A widespread myth is that big businesses don’t outsource. Are General Motors, IBM, Cisco and Microsoft, small? Cause they all outsource a lot of their IT work. If these corporate juggernauts outsource their IT work, and choose not to divert their internal resources to solve all their IT needs, how can your business?

Focus on Core Business: An important business truism: stick to what you’re good at. Businesses start to fall off track and lag-behind their competitors when they start to get involved with tasks that are outside their comfort zone. By outsourcing non-core business functions, you’re able to increase your business prospects as you will dedicate more resources towards improving your product rather than worrying about non-core particulars.

New Perspectives Spill-Over: By working with an external organization of professionals, a healthy dialogue takes place. The partnership will result in the exchange of ideas, which will revive and inject new perspectives that will help in other areas of businesses. Our insights come from a long list of impressive clients in many different industries, and we transfer our perspectives and experience on what works and what does not, to you.

Fast Production Speed: In a competitive marketplace, production speed is critical. Compromising time – whether it’s doing things too slow or too hastily – means that you’ve lost your competitive edge and jeopardized your ability to maximize returns.

And compromising time is exactly what you do when you keep things in-house because the hiring process, training process and providing the necessary support requires a lot of time. By the time all of this is done, the projected move into the marketplace might have lost its usefulness. We immediately kick-start projects into high-gear without sacrificing quality, this is because we have the team, knowledge and are in tune with the best standards and practices in information technology.

No Long Term Commitments: Many businesses experience peak loads in different parts of the business cycle. These periods of fluctuations – high or low levels of business activity – means that your business should have a corresponding response in place.

With a full-time IT staff, you will either have an underutilized or overworked staff at different periods of the year. You can beat these normal fluctuations by not tying your resources up in a pre-determined fashion, and utilize Fidelity IT Solutions to match business activity levels.

The advantages of outsourcing IT have a transformative power on businesses because they enable them to stay lean, flexible and innovative. Denying your business from such benefits limits your mobility, efficiency and your ability to capture additional market shares.



Providing insight into the benefits of outsourcing IT, this article makes the case for why Toronto businesses need to change-over and outsource their IT environment to proven managed services providers like Fidelity IT Solutions.

By making Fidelity IT Solutions an indispensable part of their business strategies for innovation, Toronto businesses will find themselves to be stronger, more flexible and better able to deal with changing market conditions. Outsourcing is no longer the smart choice, it is a necessary one in a volatile and challenging business climate as the benefits of outsourcing IT are too multi-fold.

Located in the Heart of Toronto, Fidelity IT Solutions can be your outsourced IT provider. By adding value to your existing product, we offer cutting-edge solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). In keeping to our philosophy, we are self-committed to see you succeed through by engaging in an enduring partnership, as we integrate the latest technologies that will get you ahead.