Scanning Services Toronto

Turn hard copies into electronic images or files: Protect your data, reduce storage costs & secure shredding.

Scanning Services Toronto

Document Scanning Services

Turn hard documents into electronic images and files with our digitization and scanning services. Transform into a paperless office and convert data into electronic formats.

The average business produces tons of documents, which result in office clutter, workflow inefficiencies and headaches. When you are pressed for time during a work hour, locating and retrieving specific files can be time-consuming and overwhelming. We will organize your files and standardize the way you find what you need to and will aid your discovery efforts so you do not lose precious time and resources.

We can help limit your risks and mechanically manage your information assets in a manner that best suits your day-to-day needs. Fidelity IT Solutions provides full-service conversion of your paper files and documents into electronic images.

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Do you need to convert your documents and files into searchable PDFs or into any file format? Call 647.693.9124 or email. We provide quality-conscious digitization services as we transform pre-existing paper documents to a digital library and enable you to electronically archive files. We streamline SMBs ability to locate, access & store documents.

Preserve, Organize and Share Important Documents

Digitizing Services

The IT boom has revolutionized the world and helped make everything super-easy and accessible. The ever-expanding and exponential growth of business data has resulted in challenges of organizing and accessing that data. The rise of digital technologies has strengthened the ability of small-to-medium sized businesses’ to manage their data portfolio. At the forefront of the new digital wave is Fidelity IT Solutions, wherein we manage your data challenges by helping convert data into digital formats.

We transform and automate document scanning, processing and archiving workflow, and give you undreamed-of access to your data. We link interactive and digital technology with human brainpower and tailor customer-specific solutions with rigorous process control to fulfill versatile digitizing needs. By eliminating downstream data effects, we centralize and assist in converting paper-based data into electronic documents that can be archived into secured repositories that can be retrieved anytime, anywhere.

Many organizations turn the leaf and expedite their archiving needs when they choose Fidelity IT, as we safeguard your business-critical documents at every stage of the scanning process. Special attention is paid to authentication, document encryption, secure disposal and deletion of documents after scanning, access restriction and activity logging. In the age of interconnectivity, the prospect for security breaches has multiplied and can present a nightmare situation for any organization.

Entrusting Fidelity IT will pay immediate dividends as we ensure that all angles by which privacy breaches can occur, are closed-off in the collecting, scanning and disposing process. According to research, over 90% of companies experience a leakage or loss of sensitive of confidential documents, and mobility and security, which are intertwined and go hand-in-hand, are often the top concerns for small business and midsize companies for scanning services Toronto.

CALL  us for a quote. With skilled professionals, we will prep, scan and index your documents and have them converted quickly. Because this a core business, we can schedule a completion date and ensure that your documents are back to you in a timely manner. Our imaging services will surpass your expectations.

Document Shredding

  • Dispose of your sensitive business documents securely
  • Do not let your documents become exposable and a liability
  • Comply with regulations, maintain an auditable chain

Securing Information

  • Protect your most important business asset: your business data and papers
  • Streamline and retrieve the information you need, when you need it. Get instant access through a secure pathway
  • With fail-over redundancy, restore documents easily after unexpected disasters

Storage Services

  • Quickly locate and retrieve records when you need them
  • Safeguard the integrity of mission-critical information
  • Declutter and free-up real estate for other business uses

Protect your Data, Reduce Storage Costs & Secure Shredding

Scanning Services Toronto Do not react to problems as they arise and hastily put together ad hoc solutions, especially when confronted with document management challenges. Many companies expose themselves to preventable and unnecessary risks and miss-out on their ability to add value to their business in the short and long-run. Many document management problems are rife with duplicate capabilities, non-standard approaches and process inefficiencies. It is time to realize that document management is an integral business operation that needs to be addressed in the most efficient and best manner. These are reasons why you should entrust Fidelity IT Solutions to handle your document management problems:

Expertise, Industry-Best Practices
Outsource to a document management solutions firm

In today’s office, businesses produce massive volume of documents. Being able to retrieve and locate vital records becomes time-consuming and painstaking. Documents and files are usually organized in non-standard indexing systems that do not support enterprise-wide discovery efforts.

By outsourcing to a document management solutions firm, you limit operational and legal risks. As a core business, we manage a company’s information assets in a way that is conducive to industry-best practices and expertise, so you can leapfrog your competitors.

Get the document management services you want, need

It is capital-intensive to operate and procure an enterprise-class document management system. Furthermore, most document management solutions offer features that are superfluous and unneeded by small to medium-sized businesses.

Our collaborative model allows you to pay only for services you need and is usage-based. As we are consistently integrating industry-best technologies and upgrades, both from a hardware and software standpoint, you gain access to the latest and greatest without shelling out big bucks.

React Quickly to Business Cycle
Collaboration is key, let us help meet business timelines

According to a recent study, medium sized businesses, with 1,000 professional employees, can waste up to $3.5 million dollars per year searching for non-existent information, recreating information that already exists, and failing to find the right information.

This staggering number translates into professionals spending up to 50% of their time looking for information. Speed is a business-value, and by aligning and collaborating with us, we can accelerate decision making and drive productivity with our solutions. Collaboration is critical and we will work with you every step of the way.

Change can be easy
We will integrate painlessly, ensure business fluidity

The word change can be a scary word for companies. As an experienced records management partner, with years of making inroads into diverse industries, we can address your unique circumstances and seamlessly and painlessly implement a changeover plan.

Removing a duplication of effort, we integrate a plan that works with your workflow and improves on it. By electing to go with Fidelity IT Solutions, we ensure quick turnover and business continuity so your business does not suffer and lag behind.

Digitization Workflow: The Protection of Integrity, Privacy and Efficiency from start-to-finish


For security reasons, to ensure your sensitive documents are safeguarded and protected, we perform on-site document scanning services at your location. We assign a Fidelity IT professional to manage your project and ensure document conversion is successful.


We provide a full-service conversion of your paper documents in a secure location with state of the art protocols. Once we are completed the project, we will transfer the data to an outlet of your choosing: whether it’s a an encrypted portable flash drives, cloud, in-house server etc.

(1) Client Setup

• Scope of client’s needs and specifications analyzed
• Hardware and software requirements determined
•  Workflow is laid-out for all of your scanning services Toronto needs.

(2) Pre-Scan

Documents are primed for scanning i.e. staples, binding materials, paper clips are removed
• Pages are straightened out, ordered (in scanning order) and the scan-ability of documents are verified

(3) Scan

All documents are scanned to specific optimum imaging requirements.
• If documents do not meet specifications, they will be re-scanned

(4) Verification & Publish

Documents are verified (originals compared to scanned images)
• After verification, file is transferred and stored to document management system (client-specific format)

File Formats: PDF, TIFF, HTML, .DOC, JPG / JPEG, XML and BMP