Make your life Painless by becoming a Paperless Office

January 11, 2015
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Piles of paper on executive desks and tall filing cabinets are hallmarks of a lawyer’s office in the Greater Toronto Area. But it doesn’t have to be if can convert to a paperless office. The only way to avoid such a scenario is to become a “paperless office,” and have your documents digitized.

Benefits of Digitizing

What are the advantages of transforming your office into a paperless one, you may ask. Well, where do we start? Here are some of the benefits of digitizing (we offer Scanning Services in Toronto):

  • Searchable PDFs: All of the documents will be converted into searchable PDFs, which allow you to instantly locate the documents you’re looking for. This format has the IDR (Intelligent Document Reader) capability that captures all of the document’s content and allows you to perform keyword searches that will search internally within those documents.
  • Saving Time & Focusing on Your Core Business: Being able to search thousands of digital documents without having to rummage through folders or look for lost documents saves you time. This saved time can enable you to focus on your core business activities and not search-and-locate missions.
  • Streamline Workflow: You cut out unnecessary steps from your workflow (i.e. task delegation related to search and find), thus increasing business efficiency, information gathering capabilities and fluidity.
  • Organization: All digital documents are editable and will be labeled, cataloged and indexed in a customized manner to maximize convenience and manageability.
  • Office Presentation: Digitization provides a clutter-free solution and takes up no physical space in your office. Document-laced offices projects a daunting, uneasy and unfriendly environment, while a paperless one projects a calm and organized environment.
  • Security: The information will be encrypted to ensure utmost security, confidentiality, and privacy. A multi-level secure IT infrastructure and system will ensure that all your data remain protected and fail-proof.
  • Managed Backup: Your critical business data will be backed up on a secure offsite storage location and/or in the clouds. This will protect you from any kind of disaster – both from human and natural forces i.e. fires, floods – and ensure that you have round the clock access to business resources.
  • Cost-Efficiency & Savings: Reducing operational costs and savings happen on multiple layers by digitization. These are just some of the areas where you save big by going digital:
    (1) a firm’s paper consumables can decrease by up to 70% (i.e. mailing costs, copying etc.) . Did you know that the average document gets copied 19 times in offices?;
    (2) funds allocated to purchasing extra storage spaces, filing cabinets, shelves, folders, organizers and other office hardware will be slashed in a cost-efficient fashion
    (3) productivity increases because associates no longer need to spend their time going through tedious and unnecessary paper work (i.e. locating documents, organizing folders etc.);
    (4) retrieving the right documents for auditing becomes easy and greatly reduces the likelihood for error and misstatements
    (5) reducing litigation support costs
  • Customer Satisfaction: Less time at the copiers, fax machines, and postal office means more time with the customers. This increases customer satisfaction, allows your business resources to address additional areas of need, enables you to quickly respond to customer requirements and opens up cross-selling opportunities.
  • Increased Communication: The flow of information is more unified on two fronts: (1) firstly, within the business itself as the ability to collaborate is easy with digital documents; and (2) on the second front, information-sharing with customers becomes effortless.
  • Going Green: Digitization can be a great step for a firm to contribute to Toronto’s environmental management and help protect the Earth’s biological treasures, such as trees, from being excessively exhausted and consumed.
  • Staying Competitive: Toronto’s leading legal firms have already incorporated digitization into their business platform or have recently started digitizing their resources. In order to avoid lagging-behind your competitors, businesses must utilize this value-added service.
  • Private Web Portal: A customized and secure portal will be setup to a private web account so your digital resources will be accessible at all times. The private online portal will enable you to edit, upload files, make announcements to your employees and perform other collaboration efforts.
  • Nothing Will Get Lost: All of your digital documents will be retrievable and you will not have to worry about losing or misplacing a document here or there.

Digitizing Process

This diagram gives you a visual illustration of what exactly happens when you let us handle your digitization process.

Paperless Office

In spite of these incredible advantages, Toronto lawyers, doctors, accountants, and schools, are not acting quick enough to turn their offices into a paperless one. While imaging technology has empowered lawyers and their ability to perform their business functions more efficiently, Toronto’s lawyers have yet to fully embrace this technological goldmine.

The transition has been slow for Toronto’s lawyers, doctors, accountants and schools because of a few reasons: (a) an in-house digitization project is time consuming, (b) can be done incorrectly if done by non-specialists, and (c) takes away from core business pursuits. These concerns are well-founded and understandable.

The only way to overcome these barriers and still get all the advantages of digitization is to outsource the task to a Toronto digitizing services provider that specializes in digitizing, imaging and scanning. This is where we can help.

Our relationship with your firm will be simple, headache-free.

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