IT Backup and Disaster Recovery

Uphold business continuity and recover critical business applications in any environment.

IT Backup

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

In light of rapid information growth and disruptive outages, you need to protect the inflow and outflow of sensitive data. Our security-rich resiliency services keeps data secure and available at all times. Off-the-shelf backup solutions is no longer a viable and dynamic option for SMBs.

We offer flexible delivery choices that will address your backup, retention and retrieval needs. With advanced encryption, automatic data backup and data deduplication, we have scalable protection options that will safeguard the data footprints of your business. Fidelity IT Solutions deploys IT backup systems that match your data profile and optimized for your infrastructure. We strike the right balance between security, cost and reliability.

We offer a multitude of backup and disaster recovery options and for all environments and preferences. We can hybridize onsite and offsite backup, to creating a standalone offsite or onsite option, with round-the-clock monitoring and optimization assistance.

From government agencies to health care providers to SMBs, we effectively manage an enterprise-level backup solution that requires battling elusive service levels, ongoing staffing complexities, unpredictable costs and technology usage and adoption inefficiencies. We offer unified archiving, backup, and redundancy solutions and can deploy stand-alone strategies if overlap is not part of strategic initiative.

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Offsite Backup

Do you need an IT backup and disaster recovery solution that will ensure business continuity? Call 647.693.9124 or email. When your technology stops working, so does your business. We help reduce downtime by implementing a reliable recovery solution in case of outages and disruptions to ensure that data and applications never go missing.

Fidelity IT Solutions offers a remote and offsite backup service that provides users with an automated online system for incremental data backup, and storing your data on our off-site servers. As a managed backup provider, we ensure continuous data protection, reliability, security and data integrity.

Protecting your critical business resources from any data corruption and hardware failure is a foremost concern amongst businesses. We implement a disaster recovery system, supported by fail-over clusters, so that business-critical assets, enterprise-wide connectivity and accessibility are restorable.

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Disaster Recovery

Anticipate and Plan for a Disaster and Maintain Business Operations Under Any Condition

In today’s fast moving business world, IT companies are dealing with data backup and data recovery requirements that pose significant challenges. Effectively managing an enterprise-level IT backup solution for large-scale business operations to SMBs, requires battling elusive service levels, ongoing staffing complexities, unpredictable costs and technology usage and adoption inefficiencies. Through key value propositions, meet internal requirements at affordable rates by combining dynamic backup strategies with leading data protection technologies to handle all your backup and disaster recovery operations.

Fidelity IT Solutions, a leading Toronto-based company that specializes in IT backup and disaster recovery services, can break the deadlock and integrate a backup solution that works for a one of any size. We offer a wide array of solutions that ensures redundancy, increased-capacity and data-protected backup. Scheduling an IT backup regiment with us will makes stakeholders sleep easier at night.

Fidelity IT Solutions helps navigate and drive your backup and disaster recovery efforts by monitoring, managing and supporting a tailor-made solution that meets your short and long-term needs. In a post-implementation environment, you will have full confidence that critical business data is protected through a strict SLA that guarantees accountability, performance, and transparency. An assigned service delivery manager will provide your team with clear communication. Our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service management center is staffed with skilled backup administrators that provide constant vigilance and rapid response in the event of an interruption or data loss.

With the expert knowledge of our product line combined with detailed knowledge of your existing backup environment in place, we can accurately and efficiently implement relevant features in line with best practices and engineering. This expert knowledge helps you maximize your investment from day one.

Along with high support levels, annual major version upgrades and unlimited service pack installations will translate into an optimized environment that will ensure you are getting the most out of your backup investments. Through a cost-efficient and technology-intensive framework, we will help implement a system that is tried-and-tested in cross-platform and complex environments. We will ensure that your environment is optimized so that you’re getting the most out of your backup investments with stable and predictable costs in place. We have helped stabilized and optimized backup solutions in hetereogenous, cross-platform environments for a multitude of small and medium-sized business in diverse industries.

Receive a FREE consulting session where we analyze your IT environment and discuss focused-improvement initiatives and strategic growth through IT backup, business continuity planning and disaster recovery solutions. Partner with us to experience personable IT and how to get your business back on its feet after a disaster and avoid downtime.


  • Our staff of engineers are technologically-proficient and ensure optimum returns from diverse, complex environments. With a strong technical adeptness and expertise in Windows development, virtualized platforms (i.e. VMware), SQL Server, Cisco endpoint technologies, we can design reliable and responsive backup for even the most complex and heterogeneous environments


  • Implementing a periodic backup schedule – which is tailored-made and accounts for your day-to-day workflow and operational cycle – ensures that the daily data that is incremented on a hourly, daily or weekly basis, is stored to a cloud-based source.

Turnaround Time

  • Every minute that you lose to downtime undermines small business abilities to stay competitive. By quickly restoring the backup, we accelerate the time-to-market of SMBs who have been sidelined due to an outage. We proactively prepare and anticipate in case of a disaster and rapidly respond with solutions in place.


  • Working progressively and holistically, we analyze the likelihood of downtime by locating point-of-failures in your IT infrastructure and address them. Infrastructural fault-points is the major reason for unplanned disruption. We identify and remediate the points of failures and utilize backup-as-a-strategy to supplement your newly-robust infrastructure.

Improving resiliency services with next-generation technology & cost-optimized planning.

IT reshapes the way companies do business and affects all facets of their business operations. So if it is disrupted, it affects your bottom line. Some continuity issues could take your company offline for days, but even minutes of downtime can prove costly. The risk to your reputation is even more impactful. We provide industry-best business continuity and resiliency services in Toronto that will keep your business running at optimal levels:

  • End-to-end resiliency that will drive business continuity under any circumstance.
  • Scalable and robust continuity program that will be critical in staying competitive in changing landscape.
  • Direct access to company’s resources, with round-the-clock support agents.

  • Utilize end-to-end, managed data backup provisioning platform with hybrid and offsite options.
  • Fusing industry best sofwatere and hardware that crystallizes top-to-bottom integrity.
  • Our feature-rich backup options preserve integrity and are in-line with compliance objectives of industry-specific regulatory requirements.
  • Utilizing proven, cutting-edge, and award-winning hardware and software that will speed-up backup and restoration.

  • Bulletproof virus and spyware safeguards integrated across multiple platforms.
  • Streamline security vulnerability management and manage compliance .
  • Protect sensitive information, mitigate risks and secure business-critical applications.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership:
  • Provide affordable solutions that cut operational costs, capital-intensive projects.
  • Through centralized visibility and analytics, backup is streamlined and automated.
  • Cost-effective infrastructure means less hardware, less costs transferred to you.

Disaster Recover
  • Plan, structure and execute a crisis management program that will overcome disruptions. Ensure that data is retrievable when disaster strikes.
  • We mitigate risks and remedy infrastructural vulnerabilities to ensure that information is protected, emergency response is in place and resumption and contingency planning are at highest standards.
  • Recovery is accelerated so that you can maintain productivity and limit the financial impact when an outage strikes.

  • Manage and provide on-site & off-site data protection in redundant infrastructure.
  • Avoid downtime across multiple lines.
  • Control operational and business risk.

Loss of files
31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to IT disaster
60% of SMBs will shut down within 6 months due to disaster
93% of SMBs filed for bankruptcy after losing data for 10+ days

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