Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Provisioning model that is smart, resilient and dynamically scaled and virtualized.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Fully managed and dedicated Infrastructure-as-a-Service that scales to operational demands with enhanced and robust infrastructural capabilities, development-rich application environment and can handle production-ready workloads.

Procuring and deploying a dynamic IT infrastructure is mission-critical for today’s interconnected and instrumented world. Leveraging seamless and streamline technologies, Fidelity IT Solutions will farm-out a roadmap that will improve service levels through resource utilization and priority allocation.

Tailored to align business assets with strategic initiatives, we will transform IT environments by integrating next-generation technologies that will maximize the value of investments, minimize the cost of ownership and mitigate risks in unpredictable market conditions.

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Do you need a fully managed and highly secure infrastructure to manage your critical workloads? Call 647.693.9124 or email. Backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which guarantee performance levels like network uptime, IaaS enables dedicated or hybrid environments that lower costs and venture SMBs ahead to run production workloads.

Scale your IT Infrastructure

Fidelity IT Solution’s blueprint will provide flexible modalities that best meet your business demand, and blend the best sourcing strategy options to optimize delivery choices. Diagramming a secure and responsive IT platform, we will automate a dedicated self-provisioning system that is scalable in nature and can handle the information flux of any-size business.

Scaling your IT infrastructure, through a Fidelity IT focused improvement program, we will expedite a paradigm shift that will retool your technologies to meet changing business challenges. By delivering architectural flexibility, we plant the seeds for a resilient, robust and self-healing IT ecosystem.

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Business mobility through an agile, self-healing and robust IT infrastructure.

Virtualization is an empowering and cutting-edge technology that has transformed how SMBs operate. As a watershed technology, it signifies a paradigm shift in information technology that is moving more towards utility and cloud-based computing that is self-managing. Virtualization cuts out the fat, and is all about being lean. Highly-scalable virtualized platforms is what gives you the pay-as-you-go option because it is acknowledged that small business do not get the full-mileage from their current hardware, and overspend on storage and processing hardware.

With Toronto-based VMWare certified specialists, Fidelity IT Solutions can dispatch technicians to spearhead your virtualization revolution. Virtualization is the future of information technology, and Toronto – Canada’s information technology (IT) capital city – organizations can solidify their status as having the foresight to see the future of technology and jump on as first-movers.

Virtualization services empowers small business and midmarket companies by transforming how they operate. It enables the aggregation of RAM resources from one ecosystem into a single, partitioned and secure memory pool. It can transform a diverse Operating System and unify it and put it under one OS umbrella. Furthermore, it enables partitioning of applications from different environments and make them usable by making them portable in an away-from-workspace or other settings.

Ultimate storage scalability can be attained via the virtualization revolution by converting space-consuming and insecure physcial hardware for highly-secure and scalable cloud-based storage portals. Virtualizing your data and decoupling them from whole databases and presenting them as independent and distorted can help safeguard data exposure to unwarranted third-parties. Setting up a desktop virtualization platform that can make tapping-into your workplace desktop seamless, user-friendly and easy.

As a Toronto-based managed service provider (MSP), we strategize, design and deploy an automated infrastructure-as-a-service environment that will enable organizational growth. The Fidelity IT integration solution will map-out an infrastructural blueprint that leverages the full breadth and depth of IT innovation to improve service levels, manage risk and reduce costs. We will work with you to align an intelligent IT infrastructure with business objectives to increase control and visibility across all organizational levels and IT assets, and streamline workflow for small-to-medium-sized business.

Small and midsized enterprises often shy-away from looking externally to a Toronto computer service provider for direction because they fear high-costs and high-chance for communication problems. Organizations should not hesitate to set up a free meeting with us, as we can discuss a multitude of programs and options that will get you on the right track to using information technology to do wonders for your business.

We have a flexible business model that can work with your current business’ infrastructural set-up. What this essentially means is that we can fine-tune and upgrade pre-existing IT infrastructure or customize and create a new infrastructure that is conducive to your business’ standards and ideals. Fidelity IT Solutions administers, maintains and upkeeps quality of service of your resources by utilizing our first-rate automated monitoring system. This will allow us to track the smooth functionality of all your hardware, programs, and systems, and it will also enable us to detect any future problems.

We will setup a centralized remote management system that manages and monitors clients’ assets and resources. Fidelity IT Solutions has a built-in system that notifies us of any small matter or critical event, and ensures fluid functionality of your business operations. Providing us with an early warning and taking preventative, fail-over measures to protect your systems from downtime.

Receive a FREE consulting session. We have a flexible business model that can work with your current business’ infrastructural setup. What this essentially means is that we can fine-tune and upgrade pre-existing IT infrastructure or customize and create a new infrastructure that is conducive to your business’ standards and ideals.

Providing the edge through seamless management, we will procure a focused-and-improved IT environment that will enhance system robustness, compliance and intelligence, and keep up with growing business demands.

Reforming your infrastructure in a progressive and smart manner, we will raise the level of automation to decrease dependency, minimize errors and ensure rapid response for immediate help.

Reduce Downtime

  • Minimize downtime and reduce risks by using cutting-edge yet affordable solutions that will rectify infrastructural weaknesses..

Security Upgrades

  • Improve performance by crafting a secure IT architecture that will cut inefficiencies, create resiliency and increase your systems capacity to do more.

Optimized Performance

  • Ensure fluid functionality and business continuity by implementing smart and reliable technology that result in accelerated growth through infrastructural optimization.

Convergence Technologies

  • Integrate and converge data centers that connect across multiple platforms, and extend your IT lifecycle beyond inflexible parameters.

Reporting and Monitoring

  • Our reporting instruments will be deployed to detect, and report on indicators of reliability in hopes of anticipating failure. In other words, our systems will spot a potential problem before it arrives on the front-steps of your business.


What is Infrastructure-as-a-Service?

The definition of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is: a provisioning model where you rent cloud infrastructure from a service provider like Fidelity IT Solutions – such as hardware, servers and network – on a pay-as-you-go basis. You access IaaS over the internet to create or use applications.

IaaS is one of the major pillars of cloud computing and is known for automating management tasks, scaling to demand, internet connectivity, and fluctuate rapidly due to application use. It is also sometimes referred to as Hardware-as-a-Service.

Diverse and boundless options that support a dynamic, scalable hybrid cloud strategy.

Dedicated Servers

Based on a per-service model, dedicated services which are versatile, agile and scalable can be upgraded on-the-fly.

Storage Solutions

A multitude of storage solutions and options that range from backup to object-oriented storage to high-availability.


Small business benefits from cloud environments because they can expand, can scale-to-demand and align with growth.


A multitude of network options lay at SMBs feet for port speed, bandwidth, load balancing, VPN and so forth.

Big Data

Big data can be accommodated and routed in an infrastructure that is dedicated and has high usability.

Business Recovery

Help recover and regain mission-critical business data during business interruptions and discontinuity.

Analyzing Threats

Improve your database security with built-in threat analysis or self-help tools in place to detect and clean-up.

Risk Management

We continuously manage your vulnerability through scanning, availability and threat-detection.

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