Computer Forensics Services

Look to us to critically locate the electronic evidence as we narrow the search and speed-up the investigation.


Computer Forensics Services

Our analysts aid electronic discovery efforts and will provide technical findings in a comprehensive format. We are qualified to provide expert witness testimony to support litigation.

Computer forensics is the technical process of collecting and analyzing digital information stored in any electronic device or format, for the purpose of detecting or preventing a misconduct or crime in any civil or criminal dispute.

It is a highly technical skill requiring a unique skillset that combines expert computer hardware and software knowledge and background, with investigative abilities that ensures that evidence is properly handled, cared for and administered. Computer forensic can be critical in administrating justice and determining the truth.

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Do you need a team of computer forensic experts to piece together remnant data and trace electronic residues to highlight what happened? Call 647.693.9124 or email. We can testify in the court of law as expert witnesses as we are on the frontlines of locating data and linking a chain of narrative of what took place by the purported computer user.

Access digital data for litigation purposes, internal investigations or compliance requirements

The growing convenience of computers makes them critical for our day-to-day. Comprising the backbone of our personal and business life, computers can be maliciously misused and users can be criminally responsible for certain online activities. Relying on various software, applications and internet browsers to perform tasks can leave us vulnerable to breaches and system compromises. Criminals are finding a multitude of online channels to take advantage of our dependency on computers and commit various digital crimes, from identity theft to child pornography. While social media has made our lives more open, online offenses have skyrocketed from criminals who exploit these platforms for illegal purposes.

The proliferation of crimes involving computers has led to a real need for computer forensic specialists to fill this vacuum. Fidelity IT can help track, locate and uncover the source of criminal activity. In a snowballing trend, some criminals have been utilizing robust and bulletproof encryption techniques to hide incriminating data. Despite best efforts to cover-up and there is almost always some clues left behind. It is critical that computer forensic experts break-through and locate and expose the evidence.

We key-in on finding unencrypted copies found elsewhere to find the information they are seeking; locate decipherable formats to gain access to protected files; and locate redundant data.  We combine technical expertise with investigative skills and partner with legal teams to gain the breadth and depth of expertise needed to provide insight into criminal conduct on computers.  Our team of computer forensic services has the technical know-how and skillset to put together an informed frame of reference of what transpired and can be used in the court of law as a computer expert witness services and perform other IT forensic services, as we:

  • Uncover the source of illegal activities conducted via computer and trace the digital footprints.
  • Search and locate evidence the accused may have stored on computers. Preserve and protect extracted data and ensure safekeeping with multi-tiered security system.
  • Unearthing security vulnerabilities that may have contributed to unsuspecting source. We scope-out to located user-initiated spoliation of digitally-stored data.

Fidelity IT’s seasoned forensic practitioners employs best practices to extract delicate information from storage devices. We know how to identify information that is useful in a legal case and how to explain and present it in court. We are able to preserve, identify, extract and document the evidence that is stored on digital devices. We search-and-locate documents and recover digital evidence that help our clients build cases from the ground-up.  By narrowing the scope, we are able to stockpile relevant information, compile crucial pieces of data that can assist in the formation of a legal case and give an expert testimony on the findings.

CALL to discuss how we can serve as your computer expert witness or analyze digital data in a fail-proof fashion. We unlock the power of digital evidence to help bring clarity to a criminal, organizational or civil matter.

Computer Forensic Services 

Offering IT proficiency in computer forensic services, we provide case-specific analysis and litigation support in criminal and civil matters. Fidelity IT assists in the investigation and prosecution of computer-related crimes or misuse.

At the crux of our technology forensic services, we combine technical expertise, understanding of the legal process, and a specialized skillset that enables us to discover, collect and investigate computer-related crime or malfeasance.

Forensic Investigation

  • Computer forensics will fully investigate by identifying, collecting, examining and safeguarding digital evidence that will be used as a basis for internal or legal action.

Digital Analysis & Discovery

  • Managing data-intensive devices and unscrambling them requires a specialized skillset. We identify and isolate digital evidence that is crucial for litigation.

Case-Building & Consulting

  • Forming a crucial building block and backbone of a defence’s case, we communicate effectively with criminal lawyers and authorities on what the electronic evidence spells-out.

Computer Expert Witness Services

  • Qualified to expertly answer line of questioning in any scrutinized and pressurized environment by providing clear and concise facts in understandable language.

Safeguarding digital evidence across the full spectrum of computer crimes and misuse

Computer Forensic Investigation
Recreate vital evidence, preserve integrity of evidence

Unifying computer forensic services with our tailor-made and cutting-edge approach, we synchronize the ability to collect and analyze electronic evidence with an understanding of today’s legal process. We seamlessly utilize next-generation computer hardware and software resources to extract and preserve crucial and telling digital information from a variety of digital devices. Electronic evidence is located, isolated and framed so that it is assessed by our computer forensics and legal professionals so that it can be scoped and used as evidence.

Expert Witness Services
Presentating and showcasing our discoveries

Fidelity IT wants to successfully resolve investigations and legal disputes by providing expert IT forensics that will break the deadlock. We will articulate sound forensic opinions that are substantiated by irrefutable electronic evidence in formal witness testimonies, affidavits, forensic analysis reports, disciplinary committees and other legal forums. Showcasing our discoveries, our IT forensic experts will meet all evidentiary needs by balancing critical investigative methods rooted in legal understanding.

Data Discovery
Locate, collect, and prepare electronic data for review

The sheer volume of electronic information that is created by users, in both a personal and business environment, is extraordinary. The job of isolating and extracting relevant and specific is a painstaking task that needs to be undertaken by a skillful computer forensic expert. Fidelity IT helps navigate the complex and jumbled world of data trails and pathways. Utilizing industry-best tools, we aid lawyers, agencies and decision-makers by providing the necessary information and help bring a successful conclusion to a case.

Designing a strategic data discovery roadmap

Founded on expertly blending unmatched technical competence, a carefully-detailed investigative action plan and litigation strategies, Fidelity IT is a full-service IT forensic expert witness agency. Strategically aligning ourselves with legal teams, we work in collaborative environments where communication with professionals and decision-makers is pivotal. Our continuous working relationships enable us to put strong, credible evidence forward and ascertain the relevance of digital information in the case at hand.

The Workflow: leveraging the power of electronic evidence to resolve criminal and civil matters

Scanning Services Toronto We provide computer forensic expert witness services, in which we act prudently, diligently and deliver value-added services in both a pre-trial capacity and in the courtroom. Fidelity IT forensic specialists expedite the process and conduct computer forensics discovery by employing next-generation software and hardware technologies in both civil and criminal matters.

Civil: computer abuse, divorce, child custody, bankruptcy, accounting, decrypting encrypted files and passwords, data recovery, theft of services, corporate fraud, human resource matters, corporate malfeasances, spam litigation and more.

Criminal: Child pornography, wire fraud, stalking, social media crimes, online bullying, piracy, hacking and more.

Forensic Analysis

We extract hard-to-reach digital data, through sophisticated methodologies and cutting-edge technologies. We are able to acquire, examine, identify, analyze and interpret electronic information from computers and other digital devices. Through diligent documentation, Fidelity IT digs-up critical data which is presented in a scientific manner.

Our IT forensic experts will shore-up and strengthen your case with hard, persuading evidence that will help tip the scales of justice in the courtroom.

Case Consultation

Most lawyers do not possess the necessary technical understanding of complicated metadata analysis, which hurts their prospect to communicate IT findings in court. We overturn this trend by streamlining communication with lawyers in plain and clear language and bridge informational gaps.

Working side-by-side and combining expertise with legal professionals, our strategies align with yours and help you build an airtight legal case. We provide forensically sound computer investigative and litigation support solutions.

Presenting in Court

We leverage our comprehensive solution offerings as we provide a full-scale portfolio, which includes presenting our findings in court. Not dissuaded by legal crossfire, we are well-versed in the intricacies of computer forensics technology and can calmly answer hard-hitting questions in the court of law.

Fidelity IT can aid in the recovery and submission of admissible and credible evidence, while avoiding costly mistakes and reducing cost of digital discovery. Forensic experts that articulate facts with confidence.

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