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Powering growth in real-time, elastic to workload and provisioning platform.

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Cloud unlocks business value by enhancing resource utilization, which is pooled in a centralized environment and allocated across your IT infrastructure when and where it is needed. We connect cross-platforms and streamline them to bring optimal performance, build auto scaling applications and ensure real-time deployment.

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Expand reach into vertical and horizontal markets and gain entry into untapped markets through cloud adoption. A low upfront investment and flexible delivery choices reduce hosting costs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to onboard new customers in real-time and help fast-track your business to reach operational objectives.



Integrating the cloud will reform your ecosystem as our IT professionals will be able to effectively and dynamically manage diversified resources and accelerate service delivery. Blueprinting an IT design and synchronizing the cloud with your current objectives will yield unified interoperability for mission-critical tasks.

Do you need to innovate faster through cloud-powered technologies? Call 647.693.9124 or email. We will help you develop, deploy and execute the cloud to drive productivity and revenue growth across multiple channels. We will roll-out the security-rich and feature-rich cloud to align with business objectives and handle workloads.

Receive a FREE expert cloud consulting analysis and capitalize on strategic growth through cloud-powered IT models. We will help give you an insightful frame of reference from the tech side and align them with your business objectives.

Tap into it. Shifting the competitive landscape, delivering value across lines.

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Our Cloud drives multiple streams of innovation. Give users the software they need.

Procuring and deploying a dynamic IT infrastructure is mission-critical for today’s interconnected and instrumented world. Leveraging seamless and streamline technologies, Fidelity IT Solutions will farm-out a roadmap that will improve service levels through resource utilization and priority allocation. Tailored to align business assets with strategic initiatives, we will transform IT environments by integrating next-generation technologies that will maximize the value of investments, minimize the cost of ownership and mitigate risks in unpredictable market conditions.

Fidelity IT Solution’s blueprint will provide flexible modalities that best meet your business demand, and blend the best sourcing strategy options to optimize delivery choices. Diagramming a secure and responsive IT platform, we will automate a dedicated self-provisioning system that is scalable in nature and can handle the information flux. Scaling your IT infrastructure, through a Fidelity IT focused improvement program, we will expedite a paradigm shift that will retool your technologies to meet changing business challenges. By delivering architectural flexibility, we plant the seeds for a resilient, robust and self-healing IT ecosystem.

As a Toronto cloud computing for small business solutions provider, we strategize, design and deploy an automated infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environment that will enable organizational growth. The Fidelity IT integration solution will map-out an infrastructural blueprint that leverages the full breadth and depth of IT innovation to improve service levels, manage risk and reduce costs. We will work with you to align an intelligent IT infrastructure with business objectives to increase control and visibility across all organizational levels and IT assets, and streamline workflow for small business.

Through synchronization and procurement, we offer a multitude of smart delivery choices that will reinvent your prospects to do more for less:

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

We offer highly-robust, next-generation IT infrastructure that is dedicated and dynamically scalable to your day-to-day workloads. The provision model houses, runs and maintains a multitude of needs for small to medium sized businesses and it is delivered over our automated cloud.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Designed to give you a mixture of speed, flexibility and control, cloud-enabled applications, which are mission-critical for the day-to-day, are readily-available at your fingertips. Accessible anywhere in the world, our service-oriented architecture is streamlined and can support user access worldwide and is fully managed by our team.

Cloud-Powered Applications (SaaS)

Home to leading software applications from diverse industries, we will accelerate your business process by providing you access at all time. With enterprise-grade availability and flexibility, we connect people in a collaborative network that connects them to critical software which spurs revenue growth

Leverage the cloud for accelerated innovation and drive business growth

Capitalize on integrated cloud services with the security and scalability to drive growth in all core business areas. Get to your mission-critical applications faster, access them anywhere and retain control over your resources.

Cloud-Enriched SMEs Transform Internal Operations, Market Reach and Value Chains

Cloud-powered solutions will help propel your business towards new ideals, benchmarks and expectations. We help keep you progressive-minded in an aggressive marketplace with empowering technologies that will enhance your prospects to do more, for less.

Accelerate Deployment, Tap-into an Agile and Scalable Environment

Fast Delivery

For security reasons, to ensure your sensitive documents are safeguarded and protected, we perform on-site document scanning services at your location. We assign a Fidelity IT professional to manage your project and ensure document conversion is successful.


With on-demand services, our fully-integrated cloud services revolutionize business flexibility, management controls and performance levels. Leveraging cloud gives you a foot in the door and helps you respond to various market factors in real-time to give you a competitive advantage.

Next Generation

Cloud integration allows you to generate new customer needs and outperform your competitors by engaging in a high-rewarding, low cost solution that will maximize business value. Our IT professionals will deploy this platform that will facilitate next-generation computing that gives you the power to do as you want, when you want.

Reduce Time-to-Market

We deploy standardized and automated cloud computing for small business services that will handle critical workloads in a stable, accommodating environment that will be able to execute request at a rapid-fire pace. We will minimize your time-to-market interval so that you can drive your competitive advantage and respond faster to market demands.

Lifecycle Management

We manage the lifecycle of our cloud provisioning so that you don’t have to. From deployment to security compliance to patch management, we reduce points of vulnerabilities. The roadmap starts with integrity, which link service requests to asset management to help increase longevity.


Fidelity IT’s CloudTop converts your IT infrastructure into an agile environment that supports diverse production and enterprise-heavy workloads. Delving into the nuts and bolts, we provide a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis to bolster a value-enhancing cloud program that caters to your business demands.

We provide the roadmap for cloud technologies to improve your workflow and increase revenue

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IT and workflow disruptions are often experienced due to a number of prevailing threats, such as human error, data loss, system failures due to external cyber hacks and attacks, security loopholes and other failures to harden security.
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A number of game-changing business enablers, which are bolstered by cloud technologies, have truly shifted the landscape. These business enablers are a resource that companies must utilize, in order to drive innovation via IT.
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Cloud computing is a progressive and smart ecosystem that understands consumer trends. The cloud computing model can self-replicate, adhere to high service levels and rapidly scale to what your consumer base demand. Cloud computing for small business is here.

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