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1Feb 2015
BYOD Comments Off on BYOD Policy of Protecting Personal Devices

BYOD Policy of Protecting Personal Devices

Bring your own device (BYOD) has spearheaded the consumerization of IT. The challenge moving forward is trying to extend endpoint security to personal devices, which are now being ubiquitously used in the workforce and accessing corporate data.

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25Jan 2015
Computer Forensics Comments Off on Computer Forensic

Computer Forensic

Computer forensic services is a young and fast-growing discipline. The field has organically grown from the critical and important roles that computers play in our day-to-day lives. Those who are criminally responsible or negligent also use computers to commit cyber-crimes.

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22Jan 2015
Cloud Computing Comments Off on Cloud Computing for Small Business

Cloud Computing for Small Business

Small businesses are recalibrating their IT strategy with cloud computing. Cloud-based provisioning has delivered a boon to the prospects of SMBs without having to deploy and roll-out hardware-intensive infrastructure, like servers and networking systems.

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19Jan 2015
Green IT Comments Off on Green IT

Green IT

In today’s computers-centric world, we are becoming increasingly reliant on technology: we connect to servers through networks to access storage sites, which house our information, so we can collaborate, automate and meet deadlines. We work more productively, open-up closed borders and make the world more interconnected.

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18Jan 2015
Big Data Comments Off on Big Data and Small Business

Big Data and Small Business

The name “big” in big data can be off-putting for small to medium-sized business (SMBs). In a leveled playing ground, big businesses should not be monopolizing big data. Many midsize companies erroneously believe that big data is out of their reach and do not fully appreciate the game-changing potential and its attainability.

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17Jan 2015
Big Data Comments Off on What is Big Data?

What is Big Data?

What is Big Data? Big data is an evolving global term that describes a voluminous amount of aggregated, complex data that cannot be processed by conventional database management tools. The data is extracted, formulated and sourced from structured, semi-structured and unstructured strains. In short, big data is data that can no longer be analyzed or managed by traditional technologies.

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16Jan 2015
Business Comments Off on Why Business Must Understand the Value of IT

Why Business Must Understand the Value of IT

While the value of IT to a business is no longer questioned, it has not always been like that. IT has undergone a transformation in the business world and has evolved primarily by aligning itself with business strategies. IT was not always an influencer.

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