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IT Support

With top-tier staff and personable IT support, you will benefit from faster performance, zero downtime and fewer interruptions. After on-boarding, we implement a robust preventative & proactive maintenance program that will minimize the need to escalate time-sensitive IT issues. We handle dynamic day-to-day computing workloads, and respond rapidly to IT issues that arise.

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IT Management

We provide end-to-end services that will empower employees, result in high-performing networks and smart systems, and improve workflow. Through strategic deployment, you will see optimal uptime in all mission-critical areas of IT and ensure seamless continuity. We help you tap into the power of next-generation technologies without breaking your bank.

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IT Consulting

We leverage technology to be the driving force for top-to-bottom transformation and innovation. In all areas of business operation, we will strategically guide and build-up a progressive ecosystem that is tailor-made to deal with challenges as they arise. Thrive in any IT environment and smartly respond to volatile market conditions and shift operational gears.

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Do you need help maximizing your IT function? Call 647.693.9124 or email. We can streamline complex data integrations & find new sources of value within the IT environment of a small business or medium enterprise. We offer turnkey solutions to meet company goals & have the technology portfolio to simplify, guide and assist IT Management.


Top IT Concerns of Companies

A small business expects strategic guidance when it comes to IT support, IT consulting and IT management. By taking a proactive approach, a business in Toronto or anywhere else in Canada, wants guaranteed uptime and empowering tools and processes that was once only afforded to large conglomerates. Small businesses and medium-sized companies want their IT department to level the playing field and do so in a cost-efficient and smart manner.

IT support has become an integral part of business operations for SMBs (small to medium-sized business). IT has become an empowering tool that improves efficiency, workflow and R & D. Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed believe that IT policy in their workplace can use some significant upgrades. These are their top concerns (%):

Data Loss
Personal Data

IT Support

To get smart in today’s business, you need cognitive computing to build on. We help you capitalize on smart technologies and transform your IT by bringing it all together. In the face of growing data and dependency on IT, we leverage and integrate fully-managed, turnkey IT solutions that are ready to be deployed. We power small business and midsize enterprises with a full spectrum of IT services like cloud computing, data centre services, networking and storage – which help streamline workflow, enhance performance and align your business goals with IT. We exploit high-grade integrated environments to improve the availability of business-critical platforms and applications and simplify user-experience.

As a value-added managed IT service provider, we help accelerate time-to-market for new deployments by shortening the time required to plan, secure and implement new technologies or revamp existing, complex IT environments. We optimize your technology investment to facilitate smoother migration, decrease complication, increase service levels and free-up resources. Backed by the right technology at the right price points, we provide technical IT support that is critical to ensuring optimal system health and network uptime. We offer scalable IT services at fixed and predictable costs, which help small business stakeholders, make informed decisions with a budget in mind.

With premier, first-rate IT support and IT professionals at your disposal, small business owners are given greater responsiveness and optimize their return on investments (ROI) when they choose Fidelity IT Solutions. We help reduce outage cuts because downtime is expensive and can send shockwaves across your operational frontlines. We help keep critical threats at bay through preventative solutions and troubleshooting. But more important than ensuring that system and network health is optimized through proactive measures, our Toronto IT support specialists will act as your point of escalation for service quality and will ensure that we are consistently meeting deliverables in a timely fashion. We offer skilled and expert IT resources when and where you need them, to meet today’s comprehensive IT challenges. We have strategically developed the right IT strategy to align with business goals and empowered end-users.

Fidelity IT Solutions is located in Toronto, Canada’s largest and most dynamic hub of IT. As a managed service provider, we are the paradigm shift that is at the forefront in reinventing your business with affordable, next-generation IT technologies. We are a one-stop IT solutions provider that can maximize your IT security, optimize data center infrastructure and improve business resiliency for small business and medium-sized enterprises located in Toronto. We design, implement and manage integrated networked IT environments.


At Fidelity IT Solutions we believe in unity, not uniformity. We are technology evangelists who believe that diverse ideas are the driving force in innovation. By involving us, we can escalate and engage at mission-critical points of an IT project or partnership with tailor-made solutions that work. Ushering in a new era of collaboration, we will accelerate your portfolio expansion and spearhead your transition into new markets by giving premier, rapid IT support on multiple operational lines.


We respond quickly to rapid-fire changes. We can help you at all vertical and horizontal points of IT by discovering incompatibilities among system and network elements. Whether you’re trying to unlock the potential of cloud computing, modernize your IT infrastructure or stabilize your network, we have the IT professionals that can help navigate through the logical configurations and complexities. Fidelity IT Solutions, a Toronto-based IT service provider, delivers problem determination tools and onsite IT support that will make your IT environment more responsive, resilient and robust.


Through a strategic partnership with Fidelity IT Solutions, we will keep you ahead of the technology curve. Integrating Fidelity IT Solutions will help you get the leg-up on competitors as we engage and leverage resources that will help you diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve. We will integrate information technology and IT support into your business model and help mobilize a fast-moving growth strategy so you can compete and excel in any market condition. We consider all aspects of your IT ecosystem and provide an end-to-end analysis of your hardware, software and networks.

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